Video History: Making Connections - Tool Developments/People & Machines. Video by Kristin Lucas.

Publication TypeUnpublished
Source (1998)

Video History: Making Connections, a conference organized by the Experimental Television Center, at Syracuse University.Tool Developments/People & MachinesA round-table discussion among some of the early practitioners of video and artists using new interactive technology within installations and web projects. Artists working in collaboration with tool designers and engineers to create original image-making devices was a hallmark of early video activity. Is this still possible? How does custom-designed software fit into the tradition of artist-built image processing devices? How do we address issues of access by artists to new media tools? Are older strategies still relevant? What are the restoration challenges facing museums with installations relying on old technology? What is the role that interfaces play in designing and working with new media environments?Greg Bowman, OffLineCarl Geiger, artistRalph Hocking, artist and director, Experimental Television CenterDavid Jones, artist and designer, Dave Jones DesignJennifer McCoy, artist and educator, Brooklyn CollegeKevin McCoy, artist and educator, City College of New YorkSteina Vasulka, artist