Experimental Television Center Archive
An annex to this site containing over 1,200 documents, hosted at

Vasulka Archive
Over 27,000 pages relating to video and electronic art including articles, essays, interviews, reviews, schematics, diagrams, illustrations, posters, concert programs, photographs, and correspondence. While a large percentage of the material directly relates to the art and careers of Steina and Woody Vasulka, over 200 artists and scholars are represented.

John Leimseider Archive
An open library of audio and video product documentation and schematics.

Computer Image Corporation Archive
Documenting machines developed by Computer Image Corporation of Denver, Colorado (1960-1985).

Omnibus Computer Graphics Archive
Contains video, photos, internal documents, annual reports, and press materials documenting the rise and fall of J.C. Pennie and the infamous Omnibus Computer Graphics, Inc. (1982-1987).

Image West Archive
Ephemera relating to Image West, the influential Hollywood motion graphics facility.