The Video Colorizer - 3,627,912 "Visual Display of Complex Color Television Sound Wave Signals" (2 copies)

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The Electronic Co-Op/ Electronic Associates of Berkeley, Berkeley, California (1971)




Video Colorizer designed by Bill Hearn. Illustration of front panel with description: "The Video Colorizer is capable of simultaneously adding color to a monochrome video signal and total modification of gray scale. This instrument allows the operator to divide the gray scale of video into four or more bands, and to assign brightness, hue, and saturation values to each band. The synthetic video signal thus formed may be mixed in any proportion with the unmodified video or may be used alone to achieve unusual video special effects." Features are listed, Uses (including enhancing medical X-Rays) and Product Summary for the Model 100, 200, and 400. The 200 and 400 are controlled by external control voltages.

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