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Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsKorot, Beryl; Michael Shamberg
SourceRadical Software, Michael Shamberg & Ira Schneider, Volume 1, Issue 3, NY, NY (1971)

Paul Ryan (Cybernetic Guerilla Warfare); People's Video Theater (Alternatives for Alternate Media II); Global Village; Raomdance; Videofreex (Media Bus). Articles by Eric Siegel; Frank Gilette; Ira Schneider; Raindance; Liz Phillips; Gene Youngblood. Index of people. Distribution system for tapes. Information exchange mentions: Binghamton University and Harpur College - Jack Amon; Colgate University; University of Buffalo; URBex, University of Rochester; Experimental Television Center, Binghamton - Ralph Hocking and Ken Dominick; Tom DeWitt.