Publication TypeJournal Article
SourceVideo: The #1 Magazine of Home Video., Reese Publishing Company, Volume 3, Issue 4, New York, New York, p.1 - 85 (1979)

Forum on Future Media, Guide to Video Cameras. Cover: Video Art, an example of what you can create. Articles follow: Video-Still Photography Frozen Moments in Time by Laurence Gartel, TVs that Talk Back to You by Steve Poe, Anti-Clock : A Video Movie, Video Cameras: Color Them Portable, How to Make Your TV Sound Better by Martin Polon, Forum on Future Media, The Video Environment: Multi-Media Entertainment by Positive Media Paul, How Networks Cut Movies by Charlen Komar, A Museum for Vintage Video by Joyce Worley, and Video Programming Guide, editied by Ken Winslow. The periodical also includes advertisments and several columns.