Tool Links

American Magic Lantern Theater
America's only professional touring company re-creating Victorian magic-lantern shows.

American Photographic Historical Society 

Ascii Art Gallery
Showcase of computer keystroke art.

Atari Archives

Audio Playground

This site is intended to provide a comprehensive forum for video performance artists who run the gamut from high intensity rave video mixers, to experimental interactive installation artists, and other likeminded creative folks choosing video as a major focus of their art.

Dave Jones Design
Dave Jones Design is a unique small business located in central New York state. They specialize in products and services for artists and museums involved in electronic art as well as certain products for multi-channel video that are useful in trade shows, store windows, kiosks, and other video installations.

Dave Sieg's Scanimate Files
Historical information and photographs of the Scanimate system designed by Lee Harrison

Dead Media Project
Extensive links to sites concerning obsolete technology

Early Television Foundation
Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of television receiving and camera equipment from the early days of television. Extensive links to early tv sites, including mechanical tv.

Edison Motion Picture and Sound Recordings
Information on Edison equipment.

Bill Etra
one of the creators of the Rutt-Etra video synthesizer.

Experimental Musical Instruments
If you have an interest in musical instruments, with an emphasis on the out-of-the-ordinary, this is the place.

Hugh LeCaine
Canadian electronic music pioneer, designed over twenty analogue musical instruments.

Lab Guys World
Comprehensive information about obsolete video equipment.

Magic Lantern Castle Museum
The Magic Lantern is the earliest form of slide projector and became "the Father of motion pictures, and the Grandfather of television".

Moog Archives
Comprehensive history of the company along with photos and descriptions of the tools.

Museum of Early Video Editing Equipment and Techniques

Quadruplex Park
Most comprehensive descriptions with images of all early formats of video recording

Rutt Video Interactive
Rutt Video Interactive provides a range of production facilities, linear and non-linear, computer graphics and interactive multimedia applications authoring tools. RVI published InfoArt, an interactive CD-ROM art catalog highlighting the work of artists working in new media.

vintage synthesizer information and resources

Synth Site
audio synthesizers

History, timelines, links.

Articles and resources dedicated to the restoration and preservation of magnetic data, as well as information about the services offered by VidiPax.

Vintage Synth Explorer
audio synthesizers

Vintage Computer Festival
The Vintage Computer Festival is an annual Silicon Valley event celebrating our computer heritage. Our mission is to encourage the preservation of obsolete computers and software, to promote interest in researching and documenting the history of the computer age...and to have fun playing with old iron.