System II

Publication TypeBook
AuthorsBrewster, Richard; Jones, Dave
SourceExperimental Television Center, Binghamton, NY (1977)

System II. Schematic diagram. Oscillator Board Component Side (08.1985). Oscillator Component Side (continued) and Parts List and Count. Experimental Television Center Studio Notes (06.27- year unknown). Keyer Trimpots. Tweeking the Jones (ETC Studio Notes). Jones Colorizer: Control Panel- Connector list, Mixer Board, Pontentiometers, Control Inputs (01.77). Jones Colorizer: Control Panel- Board Circuitry, Notes, and Operation (01.77). Sync Connector (plug front view or socket wiring view). Front Rack View. Jones Colorizer, Auxillary Connector. Interconnections, Jones Bin (other than power). Jones Colorizer, Bin Designation. Jones Colorizer, Sync Board. Mixer Board. Jones Phase Shift Board #2 and Input Boards. Output Amplifier.