System I, Keyers and Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCA's)

Publication TypeBook
AuthorsBrewster, Richard; Jones, Dave
SourceExperimental Television Center, Binghamton, NY (1978)

System I, Keyers and Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCA's). Correspondance to the Experimental Television Center from Dave Jones. 1/2 Scale Keyer/ VCA Panel. Keyer Input Selection (VCA) (08.1978). VCA Module (add these circuits for a complete module, 3 circuits) (08.78). Sync Adding, Output Buffering (08.78). Clip Section (Hard Edge) of Voltage Controlled Keyer (08.78). Keying Circuits (Key, Pedestal Balance, and Black Clip) (08.78). VCA Control, VCA Gain/ Negative Control (08.78). Keyer Control, Circuits on Board Behind Panel for Clip and Pedestal Balance (08.78). Video Mixer (09.78). Video VCA (08.78). CV Mixer Board Behind Panel (top view). Invert and Proc. on board behind panel. Key, Sync and Buffer. 1/4 Scale Keyer/ VCA. Keyer and Mixer/ VCA. S.E.K. 2. VCA 1. Keyer/ VCA Connector Designation. Wire List CV Mix Board. Bin- Panel Wiring. Video Connections, Keyer/ VCA Bank. Jones VCA. Mixer. Jones 1496 VCA #2.