Synthesizers, includes "Genesis of the Electronic Music Box".

Publication TypeBook
AuthorsBuchla, Don; Macdermed, Charles; Armfield, photos, Don
Sourceunknown (1971)

Synthesizer Product Catalog, Newsprint 17 in. by 22 in. 32 page catalog with detailed descriptions, technical specifications and extensive black and white photographs. Synthesizers covered include: Arp Series 2000 (Tools Database #182), Series 1000, Series 2600, Series 4000 Encapsulated Electronic Music Function Modules. Moog Sonic V Synthesizer (distributed or made by muSonics in Williamsville, NY), article "Genesis of the Electronic Music Box" by Don Buchla and Charles Macdermed with photos by Don Armfield; Electronic Music Labs ElectroComp Model EML-200, EML-100; Buchla/CBS Musical Instruments Modular Electronic Music System Model 106 Six-Channel Mixer, Model 107 Voltage-Controlled Mixer, Model 110 Dual Voltage Controlled Gate, Model 111 Dual Ring Modulator, Model 112 and Model 114 Touch Controlled Voltage Source, Model 123 Sequential Voltage Source, Model 124 Patchboard, Model 130 Dual Envelope Detector, Model 140 Timing Pulse Generator, Model 144 Dual Square Wave Oscillator, Model 146 Sequential Voltage Source, Model 156 Dual Control Voltage Processor, Model 158 Dual Sine-Sawtooth Oscillator, Model 160 White Noise Generator, Model 165 Dual Random Voltage Source, Model 180 Dual Attack Generator, p. 25 has additional module dexcriptions with prices ; Putney Model VCS 3; Mini-Moog. Bibliography on back page includes references to Electronic Music Review. In 1971, back issues were available from the Independent Electronic Music Center c/o R.A. Moog in Trumansburg, NY.