Studio Notes: Experimental Television Center

Publication TypeUnpublished
AuthorsHank Rudolph
Source (1999)

Studio Notes: Experimental Television Center. Contents: Types of Signals/ Types of Audio Sources and Methods of Processing/ MIDI Devices, Types of Video Sources and Methods of Processing, Parameters of the Video Signal, Video Routing System: Matrix Switcher/ Patch Bay/ Sample Patch, Sample Video Patch Flow Chart, Audio Patch Bays with Sample Patch, Sample Audio Patch Flow Chart, Keyers 1 and 2: Set-up and Front Panel, Colorizer Set-up, Eight channel Sequencer: Set-up, Features and Front Panel, Designlab Frame Buffer: Bufpallette Menu, Set-up and Features, Miro Video Capture Board Set-up, Microtime DVE Menu, Microtime DVE Notes (Jonathon Rosembaum), +/ - 5 Volt Analog System: Applications/ Types of Modules/ Parameters of a Waveform, +/ - 5 V Modules: Voltage-Controllable Oscillators/ Sample and Hole Modules, "Yellow Boxes" Front Panels, Sample +/ - 5 V Signal Patch: Colorizer as Voltage-Controlled Mixer, Converting an Audio Signal into a Control Voltage, Oscillators as Video Signals, Korg MS-20 Audio Synthesizer Signal Flow Chart, Mirage Keyboard Sampler: Parameter Chart, and Partial Video Glossary (31 pages, 2 copies).