Sony AV-3400 Porta Pak

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From AV 3400 Owner's Manual, 1969

Sony EIAJ 1, ᄑ" open reel portable recording and playback system.
Sony Price List 3/1//70 $1495
Sony Price List 1972 $1650
AV 3400 was listed in SONY product literature in 1977

                       from the Owner's Manual

  from Product Literature

The SONY AV-3400 is a portable record/playback Videocorder designed to operate with the SONY AVC-3400 Video Camera. The system will record "live" action, and the recorded picture can be immediately played back and viewed on the camera viewfinder screen. It will greatly aid in teaching, training, promotional activities and in hundreds of other applications. Please read this manual carefully and keep this booklet handy for future reference.

Record/Playback Functions with Complete Portability The AV-3400 provides high quality video and audio record/playback functions in a truly portable compact unit. The recorded material can be immediately played back and seen on the camera viewfinder screen, a video monitor with a connecting cable VMC-1M, supplied, or conventional TV screen using the RF Unit optional.

Fully Automatic Performance
The SONY-MATIC recording system adjusts audio and video recording levels automatically to assure perfect recording with very little effort.

AC/DC Operation
The self-contained rechargeable battery pack BP-20 provides 45 minutes of continuous operation with the camera. If desired, the Videocorder may be operated from household power by connecting Ac Power Adaptor AC-3400, supplied, or from a car battery with use of Car Battery Cord DCC-2400, optional.

Other Facilities
Additional sound, such as commentary or background music, may be recorded on the prerecorded picture during playback. Stop-action can also be obtained for close examination. The time counter shows the recording time minute by minute as well as indicating the amount of tape as an ordinary tape counter. Automatic shut-off occurs when the tape runs out. A manual tracking control corrects improper tracking in the playback picture and assures complete tape inter-changeability between all AV-Series Videocorders.


Video recording system:  Rotary 2-head scan system, full field, composite video signal based on American TV standards (supplied from the Video Camera AVC-3400)
Recording time:   30 minutes continuously with a V- 30H tape
Tape speed:   7 ᄑ ips
Tape width:   ᄑ inch
Video modulation system:   Frequency modulation
Horizontal resolution:   More than 300 lines
Video signal-to-noise ratio:   Greater than 40 dB
Video input:   1.0V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced
Video output:   1.0V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced
RF output:   75 ohms, 80 dB (OdB = 1microV/m)
Audio input:  (microphone input) 3.6k ohms, -65 dB, AGC
Audio output:  (earphone output) high impedance
Audio frequency response:  100 Hz-10 kHz
Power requirements:   DC, 12 V AC, 117Vᄆ10 (with use of AC-3400)
Power consumption:   12 W (without AVC-3400)
Dimensions:   11 (w) x 6 3/4 (h) x 11 5/8 (d) in
Weight:   18 1b, 12 oz (with battery pack, tape and reel)

Accessories supplied:
Ac Power Adaptor, AC-3400
Battery Pack, BP-20
Tape, V-30 H
Empty Reel, RH-5E
Earphone, CE-3
Monitor connecting cable, VMC-1M
Polishing Cloth
Splicing Tape
Cleaning Fluid
Head Cleaner
Shoulder Bag

Optional accessory
RF Units:
RFU-53W (for 3 channel)
RFU-54W (for 4 channel)
(Antenna Selector, ANS-1 is supplied.)

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Sony AV-3400 Porta pak
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