Siggraph '83

Siggraph '83 Exhibition of Computer Art at Isetan Museum of Art August 4-16, 1983. Traveling to sites throughout US. July 1983-May 1984. still prints by Ralph Hocking; Walter Wright; Barbara Buckner; Connie Coleman and Alan Powell; Tom DeWitt. Travelled to: France: Maison Cinema, Grenoble; Maison Culture, Chalonssuraone; Ministry of Culture, Paris; La Chartreuse Villeneuve, Lez Avignon; The American Center, Paris. Italy: City Council, Florence Japan: Isetan Museum, Tokyo; Isetan Museum, Shizuoka; Marui Imai Museum, Hokkaido. USA: Flint Institute, Detroit. Videotape by Tom DeWitt and Vebeke Sorenson produced at Image Processing Lab at Renssalear Polytechnic Institute, Troy. Harland Snodgrass technical consultant on exhibition.