Reviews of Takahiko Iimura: Film, Video, Multimedia (1978-2001).

Publication TypeBook
AuthorsTakahiko Iimura Media Institute
SourceTakahiko Iimura Media Institute, Tokyo, Japan (2001)

Reviews of Takahiko Iimura: Film, Video, Multimedia (1978-2001). Articles for Film follow: I saw my first Iimura film in 1964.... by Jonas Mekas, The Films of Takahiko Iimura by Scott MacDonald, Eiga No Kojiki: Fat Man Rising- Note on Takahiko Iimura and Ono Yoko by Olaf Moller, Between Two Straight Parallel Lines- The Films and Video Work of Takahiko Iimura by Bruno Di Marino, Takahiko Iimura- Getting the Measure of Time by Malcolm Le Grice, and Bringing Ryoan-ji to the Screen by Daniel Charles. Articles for Video follow: The Ultimate Landscape Video by Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, The Play of the Codes or the Revenge of the Codes?- Two or Three Comments on Takahiko Iimura by Kenji Asanuma, I = YOU = HE/SHE by John G. Hanhardt, I am Not Takahiko Iimura by Carl Eugene Loeffler, The Video Art of Takahiko Iimura by Daryl Chin, (I)/You. DOUBLE DA.MA (and Taka Iimura) by Peter D'Agostino. Articles on Multimedia Art follow: Narcissism and Postmodernity (Notes on Takahiko Iimura) by Daniel Charles, Takahiko Iimura OBSERVER/OBSERVED and Other Works of Video Semiology by Mike Leggett, and Takahiko Iimura- Film et Video, Daniel Charles, Takahiko Iimura and others. Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris by Fred Anderson. Final pages of catalog include Biography, Filmography, Film Performance/Installation, Videography, Video Performance/Installation, Laserdisc, CD-ROM, and Distributors.