This list includes contemporary publications and those which have played a significant role in the history of electronic media, but which may no longer be in print. Some of these publications exist only online. You can get information about others by visiting the organization’s website. Many of the organizations listed throughout the Resources Links sections also offer newsletters as a benefit of membership.

Afterimage (Rochester, N.Y.: Visual Studies Workshop)
Film, video, photography and new media

Aesthetics On-line
Aesthetics, philosophy of art, art theory and art criticism, has an email discussion list

American Film: Journal of the Film and Television Arts (Washington: The American Film Institute)



Art Com (San Francisco: Contemporary Arts Press)

Art in America




Arts Magazine

Arts Journal
Digest of arts and cultural journalism, with links

Artweek Avalanche

Quarterly journal of fine art, architecture, philosophy, literature, film, music, perception and neuroscience

Cahiers du Cinema (Paris: Edition de L'Etoile)

Camera Obscura Cinema Journal Cineaste

Cinema Space
Cinema and wew media topics by the Film Studies Program at UC Berkeley

Relationships between the arts and technologies markets

Community Video Report (Washington D.C.: Washington Community Video Center)

Cross Connect
Contemporary art, multimedia and film East Village Eye (New York: East Village Eye, Inc.)

Felix: A Journal of Media Arts and Communication (Standby: New York)

Film Quarterly (New York: Film Library Information Council)

Fineart Forum
Electronic newsletter for the art and technology communities

An interactive magazine concerning typographic and visual language; with CDs

New York Foundation for the Arts quarterly publication

Guggenheim Museum Speaking Digital
Quarterly series of public dialogues on the Web

Hyperactive Corporation Intelligent Agent
Online newsletter concerning the use of interactive media and technology in arts and education

IDEA/International Directory of Electronic Arts
Range of artistic activities and people, listing information from more than 50 countries

Intelligent Agent
Interactive media and technology in arts and education

Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, Ohio State University online journal of art, science and technology Journal of Communications Inquiry

Journal of Contemporary Art

Journal of Film and Video Journal of the University Film and Video Association LBMA Video (Long Beach, Calif.: The Long Beach Museum of Art Foundation)

Libraries for the Future

Leonardo and Leonardo On-Line
Leonardo features many resources related to arts and technology

Leonardo Electronic Almanac

MAIN (San Francisco: Newsletter of the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture)

Media Matters (NYC: Media Alliance)

An international quarterly about the cultural implications of new media

Quarterly online publication art, new media and culture

National Video Resources

NVR Reports
In-depth articles on variety of media issues and topics New Art Examiner (Chicago)

Nonprofit ToolKit
Monthly web magazine for cultural organizations and community non-profits


Parallel Gallery Journal
Postmodernism and poststructuralism Performance Magazine (London)

An experimental journal of art, music, technology, media and cultural theory and criticism

Postmodern Culture
An Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism by Johns Hopkins University Press

Radical Software (New York: Raindance and Gordon and Breach)

Reel New York
Interviews by Kathy High with Nan Goldin, Muriel Magenta, DeeDee Halleck and Barbara Zahm, Samir Vural, Alex Rivera, Janie Geiser, Caterina Borelli, Tami Gold, Kym Ragusa Meredith Holch, Kristin Lucas, Neil Goldberg, Pat Saunders and Rea Tajiri, Ayoka Chenzira Malcolm Lee, Beverly Peterson Ayoka Chenzira Lise Carrigg, Neil Goldberg, Maria Venuto, Donald Blank, Michael Dwass, Neil Goldberg

An interactive magazine cultural issues

Screen (London: The Society for Education in Film and Television Ltd.)

Screening the Past
Electronic journal of visual media and history SEND (San Francisco: San Francisco International Video Festival)

Digital culture Sightlines (New York: Educational Film Library Association)

Sound artists, practitioners and theorists

A quarterly magazine dedicated to the theory and critique of contemporary art and culture Studies in Visual Communication (Philadelphia: Annenberg School of Communications)

French contemporary art theory and criticism

Technological Horizons in Education

TFAOI/Resource Library
Traditional Fine Arts Online publishes indexes of arts resources from RLM and elsewhere

The Independent (New York: Foundation for Independent Film and Video)

The Squealer (Buffalo, NY: Squeaky Wheel)

A multilingual magazine with on-line and printed versions

TV Magazine (New York: Artists' Television Network)

University of Art and Design Helsinki

Video 80 (San Francisco, 1980)

Video Guide: Vancouver’s Video Magazine (Vancouver: The Satellite Video Exchange)

Video Networks (San Francisco: Bay Area Video Coalition)

Video Texts (New York: Anthology Film Archive)

Videography (New York: United Business Publications).

Walker Art Center conversations about the networked environment

Wide Angle: A Film Quarterly of Theory, Criticism and Practice
Published for the Athens Center for Film and Video, Ohio University School of Film

Worldwide Books Art Catalogues and Books
An online searchable database of international exhibition catalogs and art books

Year Zero One
A network for digital culture and new media; extensive links to online publications