Playback 1996: Video Preservation Roundtable

Publication TypeBook
SourceBAVC (1996)

Conference packet. March 29 - 30, 1996. Conference Agenda: Welcome (Sally Fifer, Debbie Hess Norris, Inge-Lise Eckmann). The Artist's Perspective (Robert Riley, Mary Lucier, Philip Mallory Jones, Woody Vasulka, Bruce Yonemoto, Barbara London). Analysis and Evaluation Procedures (Beni Matias, Bruce Fellows). Cleaning and Remastering (Morrie Warshawski). Video Screening (Selections from Survey of Video History, with Chris Hill and Karen Ishizuka). Storage (Peter Adelstein). Ethical Principles and Dilemmas (Connie Brooks). Changes in Technology and Practice (Paul Messier). Maintaining Installation Art Using Technology (Mark Rooska). Current Preservation Practice. Promoting Awareness and Education (Alan Lewis). Establishing Priorities for Preservation (Debbie Hess Norris). International Panel (Carole Ann Klonarides, Evelyn Ioschpe, Christine Van Assche, Georges Pompidou) Wrap Up (Stephen Gong, Debbie Hess Norris). Packet also includes list of attendees, presenters, glossary of terms, Criteria for Assessing Digital Video as a Preservation Medium, Videotape Storage.