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Cost: Price Schedule Effective August 1, 1972 $1250.00


Panasonic's Model NV-3120 is designed to the exacting specifications of the new EIAJ recommended color standard and is fully compatible with EIAJ # 1 standard for both recording and playback in black and white. Panasonic has added some features of its own to the recommended color standard: exclusive HPF (Hot Pressed Ferrite) heads for longer head life and higher picture quality, an inscribed head drum for sure interchangeability, and even a dropout compensator that all but eliminates video dropouts from s" tape. The NV-3120 is a lightweight, compact and economical 1/2" color recorder that allows even the most budget conscious institution or government agency to make the important change to color and still maintain full capability for recording and playing back tapes on the EIAJ # 1 black and white standard. Even tapes recorded in color can now be played back on black and white machines of the Panasonic 3000 series or any other #1 standard machine. The NV-3120 uses standard 5" video tape for added economy. Special features of the NV-3120 include automatic video and audio level recording controls which may also be operated manually, an audio dubbing facility, still framing, and automatic color lock control. The NV-3120 provides more than 240 lines of horizontal resolution in color and better than 300 lines in black and white. Its ease of operation and quality construction make the NV-3120 the logical choice for almost any governmental, institutional or educational closed circuit television application.

1. EIAJ Recommended Standard 1/2" Color and EIAJ #1 B/W.
2. Built in color capability.
3. HPF (Hot Pressed Ferrite) heads afford extra long head life and high picture quality.
4. New technology from Panasonic allows incorporation of a Dropout/Noise compensator that virtually eliminates Dropout.
5. Simple tape threading.
6. Precision inscribed tape path on head drum insures 100% tape interchangeability with all
Panasonic NV-3000 series VTRs.
7. Audio dubbing.
8. Still framing.
9. Skew (back tension) control.
10. 1 hour playback and record capability.
11. Automatic end of tape shutoff.
12. RF modulator (optional) for playback on conventional TV sets.
13. Automatic video and audio control. May also be operated manually.
14. Automatic color indicator light verifies presence of color.

Power: AC 117 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption: Approx. 75 Watts
Video Recording System: 2 Rotary Heads, USA Standards (525 lines, 60 fields)
Video Modulation System: Both sideband FM
Video Modulation System: 7.5 i.p.s.
Tape Speed 7 inches
Reel Size 7 inch
Tape Width ᄑ"

     Video: 2 Rotary Heads
     Audio/Control: 1 Stationary
     Erase Head: 1 Full Track
     Erase Head: for Audio Dubbing
Recording Time: 63 minutes with NV-P71 (2400 ft)
Horizontal Resolution: B/W More than 300 lines, Color More than 240 lines
Active Elements: Fully Transistorized
Frequency Response:
     Video: Greater than 2.5 MHz
     Audio: 80 ヨ 10,000 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio:
     Video: Better than 40db
     Audio: Better than 40db
Input Level:
     Video: Min. 0.5 Vp-p
     Audio: MIC 0.001 V (-60db)
     AUX 0.1 V (-20db)
Input Impedance:
     Video: 75 ohm unbalanced
     Audio: MIC 20K ohm unbalanced
     AUX 1M ohm unbalanced
Output Level:
     Video: 1.0 Vp-p (0 db)
     Audio: 0.1 V (-20 db)
Output Impedance:
     Video: 75 ohm unbalanced
     Audio: 600 ohm unbalanced

Dimensions: 15 7/8" (W) x 8 7/8" (H) x 17 1/8" (D)
Weight: approx. 40 pounds

Standard Accessories:
Video Splicing Tape (1 roll) ヨ 1 pc. ,
AC Cord (7ft) (1 pc)
VTR/TV connection cable (6 ft) (1 pc)
7" empty reel (1 pc)

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Panasonic NV 3120 Tape A Vision
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