Overview from the Dumping Place (c. 1973)

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SourceDumping Place, Volume 2 (1973)
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"Sprouted this summer with a group of individuals spilling their seed into a Bearsville scene, fleeing city trips and feeling the need to form a garden group. Video, film and graphics are now flourishing, nurtured by strong sunlight and a growing composite (sic) heap. We are all farmers here..."

Members met through the April Video Conference in NJ and Republican and Democratic conventions, covered by TVTV and the Women's Video News Service.

Tapes listed as available for distribution include:

Clear Light - colorized video feedback
TVTV - Four More Years
Womens Video News Service - Another Look - The Democratic Convention
Dance Therapy - Lijan Espanak, therapist
The Maine Tapes - six portraits of people we met in our travels
Barge Tapes - life on the Hudson River
Viet Nam Veterans Against the War and the Gainesville Conspiracy
Ex Attica Conversations: between two men prisoners at Attica during prisoners' attempt at change within the prison system.
          Al Cruz and James Boyde.
Tapes from Japan and Formosa
Various tapes from University Settlement Workshop.
Miss USA Pageant '72 - Miss USA and the socialist party of Puerto Rico. Demonstrations, including discrete chat with Miss Universe '72.

Excerpts from Dumping Place, Vol. 2. Published by April Video

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Amazing Grace Media
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Bearsville, New York