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Publication TypeBook
AuthorsPeer Bode
SourceChina Light Industries (2001)

Catalog from the exhibition at the Central Academy of FIne Arts, Bejing, China, October 17 - November 9, 2001. Articles by Gara Edizel (Revolution by Digits), Pauline Oliveros (Tools of Change and Transformation).

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Time Machines /  the Owego Recordings  2001


Bell / Light  / Piano / Sound and Image Interface   1998


Oscillators / White Noise / Hand Built  Real Time Analog and Digital Video Processor  1983


Oscillators / Printouts / Books / Bell /Light  / Sound and Image Interface   1992 / 1998



Electronic experiments,

Real systems

Real time recordings, constructions, performances, mixes and remixes

Live creative noise

Live living and electronics

Quantities, vibrations, speed, amplifications, distances, changes, networks, interfaces

Live and memory, recordings  and grabs

Nervous systems meet nervous systems

Electronic wildernesses

Electronic genetics

Electronic memory

Quantity, generosity, experiences, ideas

Fragments of the past, fragments of the future

Moving images and moving sound

Moving territories

Constructions inside and outside of meanings

Desires, pleasures

Poetic electronics, poetic bodies

Structural causalities, expressive causalities

Negotiating, not trapped in identity

Different places, different logics

Electronic experiences, electronic ideas, electronic memories

Electronics and change


Ancient electronic inter net TV play

oscillator, noise, light, bell, piano, printouts and books

Emancipatory discourses and memory

Ancient, colonized, recolonized, reteritorialized

The changing ways of information

The changing ways of knowledge and memory

Emerging impacts, emerging plays

Information hover crafts

Wired generations

Ambient generations

Desiring generations

Information generations

Memory generations


Electronic entertainment, advertising, fashion, design, medicine, politics, military

And then there is electronic education

Electronic art  is electronic education is inter net and television for and about people

My television video electronic educational inter net art is for people, minds and bodies

Electronic art educational inter net television

Not so hard to imagine

It's a pleasure


Best to you

Peer Bode



Peer Bode is an internationally exhibiting Americn artist of German/Norwegian descent.  He is also an active educator and studio advocate and facilitator of independent electronic media . He is associated with the renowned American Owego and Alfred schools of new media imaging. He is Professor of Video Arts at the School of Art and Design and Co-Director of the Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred University, Alfred, NY. His work is produced at the Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY., the IEA, Alfred NY and Pep Studios, Hornell and Rochester, NY. Peer Bode's work is included in "a Survey of American Video Art - The First Decade", a project of Chicago's Video Data Bank ( ), curated by Chris Hill. Peer Bode has collaborated on numerous electronic tool building projects with video systems designer David Jones and artist Ralph Hocking.