New York State Council on the Arts Video Conference at the Whitney Museum

Publication TypeBook
SourceNew York State Council on the Arts, NY, NY (1975)

Transcript from 10 hours of audiotapes. Participants: Peter Bradley, NYSCAGil Konishi, NYSCA; Michael Chase, Director, New York Network; John Reilly, Director, Global Village Video Resource Center; David Langdon, New York State Cable Commission; Carolyn Sachs, New York State Cable Commission; Mrs. Richard Rodgers, Council Member, NYSCA; David Davis/ Office in Charge of Public Broadcasting, Ford Foundation; Porter McCray, Director, Asian Cultural Programs, J.D.R. Ill Fund; Forest Chisman, Executive Assistant, Markle Foundation; Nancy Raine/ Assistant, Public Media, NBA; David Loxton, Director, TV Lab, Educational Broadcasting Corp.; Bob Civiello, Long Island Educational TV Council; Drew Rowland, Long Island Educational TV Council; Diane Hart, Collaborations in Art, Science and Technology; Jon Alpert, Downtown Community TV Center; George Cree, Experimental Intermedia Foundation; Ralph Hocking, Experimental TV Center; Sherry Miller, Experimental TV Center; Lance Wisniewski, Innervision Media Systems; Joe Seal, Ithaca Video Project; Skip Blumberg, Media Bus, Inc.; Bart Friedman,, Media Bus, Inc.; Nancy Caine, Media Bus, Inc.; Davidson Gigliotti, Media Bus, Inc.; Gerald O'Grady, Media Study, Inc.; Sandy Rockowitz, Portable Channel; Judy DeSisti, Portable Channel; Howie Gutstadt, Survival Arts Media; Ben Levine, Survival Arts Media; Alan Winer, Visual Studies Workshop; Margot Lewitin, Women's Interart Center; Ken Marsh, Woodstock Community Video; Dean Evenson, Woodstock Community Video; Jaime Barrios, Young Filmaker's Foundation; Lydia Silman, NYSCA