National Endowment for the Arts: Computer Interface with Video Synthesizer. Proposal

Publication TypeBook
AuthorsRalph Hocking
SourceExperimental Television Center, Bingamton, NY (1975)

Computer Interface with Video Synthesizers concentrates on the design and construction of an interface between computer and image synthesizer and the development of a computer language to permit the artist to enter the system to create images and notate compositions. Computer Interface with Video Synthesizers will be conducted at the Center under the direction of Ralph Hocking; project participants will include Walter Wright, computer consultant, Don McArthur, design consultant, Nam June Paik, artist, Woody and Steina Vasulka and David Jones. Project concerns the design and implementation of the interface between the Intel computer and video system components which include gray level hard and soft edge keyers, the Spatial and Intensity Digitizer (SAID) by McArthur and the Voltage Controlled Colorizer by Jones, McArthur and Wright.