Media Alliance 1985 Annual Conference

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The Kitchen, New York, NY (1985)




Media Alliance 1985 Annual Conference. September 12, 13, & 14, 1985. The Kitchen. September 12th: 8pm- Experimental Television Center Presents: New Equipment Demonstration by David Jones, and Screening organized by Shalom Gorewitz, with assistance of Ralph Hocking and Sherry Miller. September 13th: Welcome & Introduction with Robin White, Director, Keynote Speaker: Deirdre Boyle, Arts Advocacy in New York, and Videotape Preservation In 1985. September 14th: Opening Remarks from Robin Schanzenbach, Introduction of Candidates for Board of Directors, Election, Business Meeting of the Membership, and Minority Producers Move in Video: Discussion & Screening. The ETC Four Board Project vsupported by NYSCA is premiered at the Media Alliance Annual Conference at The Kitchen in September 1985.

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