Live Video Performance Video: Lord Knows Compost, Bulk Foodveyor, Valued Cu$tomer, 77 Hz, The Poool, Stackable Thumb, NNeng

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AuthorsBainbridge, Benton
Source (2001)
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Lord Knows Compost, Bulk Foodveyor & Valued Cu$tomer
1989- Lord Knows Compost, Bulk Foodveyor & Valued Cu$tomer

Philip R. "Bulk Foodveyor" Bonner and Benton "Valued Cu$tomer" Bainbridge
We bring a dog into Experimental TV Center to make "The World is my Toilet", a multi-camera live video with intercutting triggered by Sara the dog's barking. This was the moment that turned LKC into a Live Video group! (Lord Knows Compost was 'formed' sometime in the late 70's or early 80's depending on when you ask us. Phil and I met when we were 10 years old and immediately started doing projects in all sorts of media together.)

Lord Knows Compost did most of our live video shows on the West Coast from 1993 through 1995 though we have released projects which span all the way back to our middle school days!

Lord Knows Compost had many guest appearances on stage and in the studio, one additional official member- Voluptate velit esse Molestaie (Wendy Bell) and one honorary member- Naval Cassidy (Jonathan Giles)

77 Hz
1991- 77 Hz - Benton Bainbridge, Philip R. Bonner, Jonathan Giles, Eric Schefter, Michael Schell.

We had our initial meeting on January 15, 1991, the day Operation Desert Storm was announced. 77 Hz had many changes in personnel. Later members include Nick Didkovsky and Nancy Meli Walker. at this time, Michael Schell is the only remaining founding member in 77 Hz.

The Poool
1996- The Poool - Angie Eng, Benton Bainbridge, Nancy Meli Walker

Angie had joined us in a 77 Hz show at The Kitchen in 1995 and really took to the live video thang quickly. Nancy wanted to form an all-girl live video group, but bent the rules and let me in the group! The Poool was us three video people working with various musicians, including most frequently David Weinstein, Hoppy Kamiyama, and Naval Cassidy. The Poool also collaborated twice with architects Laura Garofalo and Omar Khan who call themselves "Liminal Projects"

Stackable Thumb
1997 - Stackable Thumb formed - Naval Cassidy and Valued Cu$tomer

1998 - NNeng formed

Nancy Meli Walker, Brian Moran and Benton Bainbridge NNeng means "No Angie Eng", which we intended as an homage to our absent "Poool sister". Angie consented to us using the name, but learned to regret it because everyone assumed she was the leader of NNeng giving that the group name incorporated her name! In 1998 NNeng did the ETC residency that led to the VHS tape "The Vertical Hi-Way"


In 1999 Brian Moran brought NNeng and Molly Kittle to an ETC residency. this project became known as NNeng-M ("Molly" or "movement")

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Lord Knows Compost, Bulk Foodveyor, Valued Cu$tomer, 77 Hz, The Poool, Stackable Thumb, NNeng
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1989 -
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New York City