Links to Other Sites with Online Interviews with Video Artists and Activists

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AuthorsNomadnet; Locution@Location1; Davidson Gigliotti; Halleck, DeeDee; and others
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The following are links to other sites which publish interviews with artists active in the evolution of the medium. This list is updated periodically; please send us your links and citations.

Chris Hill conducted a number of interviews as part of the research for the series Surveying the First Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the U.S, a 17 hour package of historic videos produced by Video Data Bank in 1996. The following artistsメ interviews are published in Artist Interviews: Artists Interviewed by Chris Hill, Discussions with Video Art Pioneers

Peer Bode March 1995.
Tony Conrad March 1995
Bob Devine April 1995.
Doug Hall July 1995.
Dee Dee Halleck
Ken Marsh & Elliot Glass July 1992
Parry Teasdale May 1995. Interviewed by Chris Hill, with Deedee Halleck,
Steina & Woody Vasulka

Attention! Production! Audience! Performing Video in its First Decade, 1968-1980 by Chris Hill can be found at Nomadnet Massage archive 1.  This contains the text of the essay, and includes excerpts of the above interviews as well as an interview with:

Philip Mallory Jones

Nomadnet Massage archive 2 contains an interview with

Tony Conrad

An ongoing series of conversations with performers, multi-media artists, writers, and cultural figures, on the contemporary arts broadcast live at and archived on the Web with video and audio clips.

Meredith Monk

Davidson's Files
A site concerned with early video history, maintained by Davidson Gigliotti. This site offers interviews by Davidson with historically important videomakers.

Shirley Clarke Interview by Dee Dee Halleck
John Reilly
Rudi Stern
Les Levine
Peter Bradley

Peer Bode
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Peter Bradley, Shirley Clarke, Tony Conrad, Bob Devine, Elliot Glass, Doug Hall, Dee Dee Halleck, Philip Mallory Jones, Les Levine, Ken Marsh, Meridth Monk, John Reilly, Rudi Stern, Steina Vasulka, Woody Vasulka