Light Work Chronology 1973-1998

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While running the Community Darkrooms, a public access photography facility at Syracuse University, Phil Block end Tom Bryan form Light Work. The process of incorporating light Work begins in March end is finally completed on August 26th, when Light Work is officially recognized as a non-profit corporation in Now York State. Light Worlds first artist program is a workshop by Les Krims from April 16 to 18, 1973. Light Work applies to the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) for support and receives a $5,000 grant on October 4, 1973 for a series of exhibitions, workshops, and lectures. A hallway outside the Community Darkrooms is converted into Light Work's first gallery.

Gallery Andy Buck, Video Images ï Bud McLouth, Olathe ï David Ruether, Soft Images ï David Broda, Solar Light Impressions ï Ben Levine, Impaired Vision ï Karl Baden, Cerebus ï Barbara Weiss, Children I Know ï Arno Rafael Minkinnen, White Underpants  Workshops ï Les Krims ï David Ruether ï Linda Connor ï Peter Schlesinger ï Burk Uzzle ï Michael Spencer ï Warren Wheeler (held at the New York State Fair) Lectures Ellen Manchester.



Light Work is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt corporation. The organization is officially named Light Work Visual Studies, Inc.

Gallery Deb Bai, Revelations ï Syracuse Institute for Enabling Education, Children's Photos ï Howard Goldbaum, Recent Photographs ïExperimental Studios Group Show-Gary Geer, Thomas Lindley, Bud McLouth, Crystal Scriber, and David Russell ï Warren Wheeler ï Stacey Bogdonoff, Recent Photographs Workshops Melissa Shook ï Arnold Gassan.



Light Work receives its first Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for $1,500 to host a series of lectures by photographers, critics, and historians. The Light Work Grant program is initiated, offering fellowships to photographers, critics, and historians who live in Central New York.

Gallery Charles Harbutt, Kalamazoo Etc. ï Phil Block and Tom Bryan ï Frank Hay ï Joseph Jachna ï Apeiron Workshops Staff-Paul Ginsberg, Jim Koch, Ron Morris, Jim Schlesinger, Peter Schlesinger, Lauren Shaw ï Burk Uzzle ï Gail de Loach and Eve Cohen ï Carl Geiger ï Ben Levine ï Peter Glendinning ï 1975 Light Work Grant Recipients Workshops Clarence John Laughlin ï Christian Sunde ï Charles Harbutt ï Joseph Jachna Lectures Joseph Jachna ï A.D. Coleman conducts a videotaped interview of Clarence John Laughlin Light Work Grant Karl Baden ï Ben Levine ï Warren Wheeler.



Light Work initiates an Artist-in- Residence program.

Gallery Clarence John Laughlin, The Camera as a Third Eye ï Larry Fink ï four Photographer-Carol Drobeck, Robbert Flick, Alan Dutton, and Bart Parker ï William DeLappa, Portraits of Violet and A1 ï David Ruether, Square Images ï Bill Arnold and Elaine Mayas ï Eikoe Hosoe, Kamaitachi-prepared by the Visual Studies Workshop ï Souvenirs-Karl Baden and David Broda ï Todd Walker ï 1976 Light Work Grant Recipients Workshops Adal ï Larry Fink Lectures Duane Michals ï Adal ï W. Eugene Smith ï Sean Callahan ï Larry Fink ï Les Krims ï Bill Arnold and Elaine Mayas Artist-in-Residence Charles Gatewood Light Work Grant Cecil Dorman ï Marion Falter ï Jules Fried ï Rite Hammond Special Projects LW curated and presented the exhibition Edward A. Curbs: Photogravures from The North American Indian, Vol. 1 and 3 at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse.



The first issue of Contact Sheet is published to replace end consolidate announcements about exhibitions, lectures, and classes, and to feature work by participants in the Artist-in-Residence program.

Gallery The Rural Photographs of Rodger Minick Bonnie Cordon ï Elliot Erwitt ï Vilem Kriz, A Thirty Year Retrospective ï Mark Cohen ïGrowing Pains and Pleasures-James Carroll, Larry Clark, Rene Gelpi, Emmet Gowin, and Joe Szabo ï Marcia Resnick ï Lynn Moser ï Roy DeCarava ï Murray Riss ï 1977 Light Work Grant Recipients Lectures Michael Lesy ï Bill Aron ï Jill Freedman ï Bonnie Cordon ï Michael Bishop ï Richard Snodgrass ï Roy DeCarava ï John Banasiak ï Roger Martin Artist-in-Residence Roger Martin  ï John Banasiak ï Richard Snodgrass ï Cal Kowal   Light Work Grant Ken Hobart ï Sylvia de Swaan ï Peter Glendinning ï Idyllic Foundation Special Projects LW curated and presented the exhibitions On the Offset Press, including work by Lawrie Brown, Charles Gershwin, Scott Hyde, Syl Labrot, Joan Lyons, Jonathan Morse, Carl Sesto, and Todd Walker-Three From the Thirties: Brandt, Brassai, Bravo-end Lawrie Brown/Michael Stone: Photographs, at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse. LW hosted a poetry reading by Michael Jennings at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse to accompany an exhibition by Dorothea Lange.



Light Work begins to phase out Workshops and invite more artists to participate in the Artist-in-Residence program. The first color enlarger is installed at the Community Darkrooms.

Gallery Ted Orland ï Suzanne Mitchell, Deep Sea ï Les Krims, Academic Art ï Fielding Dawson, Photocollages Melanie Walker ï Olivia Parker ï Charles Gatewood, Forbidden Photographs ï Barbara Blondeau-prepared by the Visual Studies Workshop ï Forty Below-exhibit of photos priced under $40 by 20 CNY photographers ï 1978 Light Work Grant Recipients Workshops Barbara Houghton ï Juliana Swatko Lectures Michael Martone John Pfahl ï Olivia Parker ï Mark Jury ï Stuart Rome Chris Enos ï Suzanne Mitchell ï John Brumfield ï Betsy Davis ï James Petrillo Artist-in-Residence Michael Martone ï Barbara Houghton ï Paul Ginsberg lake Paul Trapido) ï Stuart Rome ï Elaine Mayas ï Chris Enos Light Work Grant David Broda ï Mima Cataldo ï Lucinda Devlin - Richard Laughlin Special Projects Fielding Dawson exhibition catalogue, Photocollages ï Gold in your Attic- seminar organized by LW at the Onondaga County Public Library's main Syracuse branch ï LW organizes an exhibition of work by Marion Post Wolcott et the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse.



Photographs informally donated to Light Work by participants in the Artist-in-Residence Program have accumulated into a small collection. Light Work begins to formally ask each visiting artist to contribute a few pieces made during their stay to the collection.

Gallery David Goldes ï Marion Faller ï Lynne Cohen ï Roger Martin ï Robbert Flick, Midwest Diary ï Willyum Rowe, Cost Souls ï Kentucky Documentary Project Ted Wathen, Bill Burke, and Bob Hower ï CAPS Grant Recipients-Douglas Bea, Ellen Corey, Eduardo dal Valle/Mirta Gomez, Lucinda Devlin, Benno Friedman, Ani Gonzalez, Bonnie Cordon, Austin Hansen/St.Clair T. Bourne, Colleen Kenyon, Peteris Krumins, Robert Mapplethorpe, Hiromitsu Morimoto, John Pfahl, Charlie Stainback, Joyce Taylor, and Toba Tucker ï 1979 Light Work Grant Recipients Lectures Kenda North ï Joyce Taylor ï Bill Owens ï Murray Riss ï Lynne Cohen ï Marion Falter ï Alex Traube Artist-in-Residence Kenda North ï Murray Riss ï Alex Traube Light Work Grant Judith Ivry Jon Reis ï Marjorie Tepper ï James Thorpe Special Projects Photographica-a resource guide compiled by the Onondaga County Public Library in cooperation with LW ï LIN curates and presents the exhibitions Alternative Imaging Systems and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse.



Phil Block takes a leave of absence to study book binding in England. Jeffrey Hoone is hired as Assistant Director to replace Phil while he is on leave.

Gallery Color Realism-Michael Bishop, Phil Block, Kathy Collins, and Lucinda Devlin ï Murray Riss ï Walker Evens, Photographs of New York State-organized by the Eakins Press Foundation and the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation, and circulated by the Gallery Association of New York State ï Biff Heinrich Ken Polka, Scott Rucker, and Anne Turyn ï John Divots ï Ted Wathen, The American Coal Miner ï Women at LW/CD-Kenda North, Chris Enos, Elaine Mayas, Ellen Corey, Barbara Houghton, Charlotte Brown, Lynne Cohen, Bonnie Cordon, Marion Post Wolcott, Marion Faller, Judith Ivry, Lucinda Devlin, Sylvia de Swoon, Mime Cataldo, Joan Lyons, Linda Connor, Melissa Shook, Tamara Thompson Bryant, Gail de Loach, Lynne McMahill, Juliana Swatko, and Jackie Yaeger-Pardon ï 1980 Light Work Grant Recipients Lectures Biff Henrich, Ken Polka, Scott Rucker, and Anne Turyn ï Ted Wathen ï Michael Spano ï Zeke Barman ï Michael Bishop, Kathy Collies, and Lucinda Devlin Artist-in-Residence Ellen Corey ï Michael Spano ï Zeke Barman ï Abby Robinson ï Toby Old Light Work Grant Dean Abramson ï Jeffrey Hoone ï Marion Roth ï Karen Vournakis Special Projects Hollis Frampton receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through LW to produce ADSVMVS ABSVMVS, a portfolio of images and text- LW publishes a fold-out postcard set of images by Michael Bishop titled Views of the New York State Barge Canal. LW hosts a poetry reading by Ed Dorn, and a film screening by Jennifer Dunbar.



Phil Block returns from England and Tom Bryan leaves the organization to become a full-time sheep farmer in Erieville, New York. Jeffrey Hoone stays on as Assistant Director. Light Work acquires its first computer. Gallery Fred McDarrah, Portraits of Artists, 1959-1979 ï Bart Parker-curated by Judith Ivry ï Michael Spano ï Michaels Murphy ï John Collier and Jack Delano, The FSA in Central New York-selected from the Library of Congress by Tom Bryan ï 23 Photographers 81- 82 CAPS Grant Recipients-including work by CNY photographers Lou Kruger and Karen Vournakis ï Coast to Coast Punk Rock and New Wave Photographers-William Coupon, Christina Yuin, Elaine Mayes, Marcus Leatherdale, Judy Linn, John Ranard, Bill Corner, f-stop Fitzgerald, Richard McCaffree, Rays Santos, Stanley Greene, Ron Delany, Ed Kashi, Vincent Anton, Sue Brisk, Chester Simpson, Charley Franklin, Ira Member, Stefano Paollilo, Bern Boyle, and Roes Wallace ï Stamp out Ronnie-a mail art competition and exhibition marking Ronald Reagan's election to president, includes rubber stamps and artwork solicited through the mail. The exhibition curated by Joan Riccardi includes work by Bruce Velick, Kihm Winship, Kimble Mead, Joan M. M. Riccardi, Carlo Pittore, Karen Bakke, Barton Bones, Jon Held jr., Bruce Wood, and Ms. Ruby Rubber ï 1981 Light Work Grant Recipients Lectures Christina Yuin and William Coupon ï Lawrence McFarland ï Lowry Thompson ï Jan Sharlin ï Fred McDarrah ï Sybil Miller ï Peter Goin ï Bruce Gilden ï Bob Hower ï Ted Wathen ï Bill Ravanesi ï Michaels Murphy ï Laurie Simmons ï Cindy Sherman Artist-in-­Residence Charlie Stainback ï Lawrence McFarland ï Tom Zimmermann Jon Sharlin ï Sybil Miller ï Peter Goin ï Bill Ravanesi Bruce Gilden ïDoug Muir ï Bob Hower ï Ted Wathen ï Cindy Sherman ï Laurie Simmons Light Work Grant Paul Pearce ï Jane Steuerwald ï Robert Foster ï Richard Minisalli (aka, f-stop Fitzgerald) Special Projects Painter Jane Crow receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through LW to produce a series of costumes.



Phil Block leaves Light Work to accept the position of Director of Education at the International Center of Photography In New York. Jeffrey Hoone becomes Director of Light Work and its only full-time employee.

Gallery David Freund ï Eugene Richards ï Bonnie Gordon ï Hollis Frampton ï Tom Arndt ï Shelby Lee Adams ï Philip Perkis ï Bernard Faucon ï Jim Dow and David Stephenson ï 1982 Light Work Grant Recipients Lectures Christian Sunde ï David Freund ï Eugene Richards ï Benjamin Porter ï Bonnie Gordon ï Eric Baden ï Joel Sternfeld Shelby Lee Adams ï Steven Hirsch ï James Casebere Tom Arndt Artist-in-Residence Christian Sunde ï Benjamin Porter ï Eric Baden ï Joel Sternfeld ï Bill Burke ï Frank DiPerna ï Steven Hirsch ï James Casebere ï Dennis Hearne ï Joel Sackett Light Work Grant Susan Brodie ï Michael Davis ï Ted Diamond ï Janice Giarracco ï David Moore Special Projects LW publishes a set of 20 postcards of images made in Central New York for the FSA by John Collier and Jack Delano ï NYSCA supports a Materials Assistance Grant program at LW to distribute gift certificates from MCI Camera Center in Syracuse to local photographers ïCourtney Frisse receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through LIN to project large scale images onto buildings in downtown Syracuse ï Ed Sanders is invited by LW to perform at the student-run Jabberwoky club at Syracuse University. Sanders sings, recites poetry, and accompanies himself on his musical tie.



Light Work produces the exhibition, Penny Publishing: Photographic Postcards from Central New York-cu rated by David Freund, which opens at the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse with a catalogue designed by Buzz Padgett.

Gallery Dave Broda ï Peter Goin ï Lou Stoumen ï Owen Butler ï Peter de Lory and Mark McFadden ï Anita Au and Pok Chi-Lau ï The Stolen Image and Its Uses-Vikky Alexander, Silvia Kolbowski, Barbara Krueger, Sherrie Levine, and Richard Prince-curated by Abigail Solomon-Godeau ï American Roads--a traveling exhibition from the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY, includes work by Rodger Minick, Mark Klett, Henry Wessel jr., Harold Jones, Frank Gohlke, Tod Papageorge, Jim Alinder, Nathan Lyons, Robbert Flick, Elaine Mayas, Barbara Jo Revelle, Robert A. Widdicombe, Dorothea Lunge, and Walker Evans ï 1983 Light Work Grant Recipients Lectures Anne Turyn ï Linn Underhill ï Peter Bunnell ï Peter de Lory ï Abigail Solomon-Godeau ï Barbara Morgan ï Willyum Rowe ï Lou Stoumen ï Christian Sunde ï Tom Zimmermann ï Lewis Koch ï Owen Butler ï Ricardo Block Artist-in-Residence Anne Turyn ï Lewis Koch ï Ricardo Block ï Linn Underhill ï Peter de Lory ï Willyum Rowe ï Lou Stoumen ï Dan Powell ï Ed Grazda ï Mark Goodman ï Anthony Hernandez ï Jim Goldberg ï Sy Rubin ï David Freund Light Work Grant Jane Bair ï Laurie Sieverts Snyder ï Lorna Lentini ï John Knecht Special Projects John Orentlicher and Lucinda Devlin receive a NYSCA Conduit Grant through LW for a video and photographic exploration of the pleasure industry ï LW organizes exhibitions of work by Barbara Morgan and Christian Sunde and Tom Zimmermann at the Lowe Art Gallery at Syracuse University- Contact Sheet 36 features a portfolio of photographs by Chris Enos titled NUDES, with an essay by A.D. Coleman.


Contact Sheet 43 announces the death of Hollis Frampton (1936-1984).

Gallery Sarah Charlesworth ï Linn Under hill ï Larry Clark, Teenage Lust--curated by Christian Sunde ï Jon Reis Mark Klett ï John Craig ï John Dziadecki ï A Group Called GRAIN-organized for LW by Joel Sackett includes work by Tatsuharu Hide, Taishi Kirokawa, Yasukuni lids, Yoko lids, Akira Kobayashi, Jun Matsumoto, Mikio Matsuo, Kozo Miyoshi, Junshi Nakamichi, Kohei Onishi, Kiyoshi Tatsukawa, Yoichi Saito, Tetsuya Sato, Takashi Sekiguchi, Masayoshi Sukita, and Matsutoshi Takagi ï 1984 Light Work Grant Recipients Lectures Larry Clark ï Claude Rieï Jon Reis Artist-in-Residence Biff Henrich ï Sid Kaplan ï Claude Rie ï Peter Moore ï Jim Stone ï John Gossage ï Patt Blue ï Melanie Walker ïRicardo Salcedo Light Work Grant Dede Hatch ï Ellen Blalock ï Monte Gerlach ï Don Tracy Special Projects Roger Martin receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through LW to photograph ceremonies, celebrations, and festivals throughout the state ï Sy Rubin exhibits photographs made during his residency at LW at the New York State Fair Museum ï LW organizes the exhibition Harold Allen Architectural Views at the Lowe Art Gallery-curated by Lucinda Devlin ï The Eternal Poetry Festival featuring Bern Porter and Mark Melnicove is held at Syracuse Stage - organized by Tom Walsh.



With a gift from Syracuse University alumnus Robert B. Menschel, Light Work opens a gallery bearing his name in the Schine Student Center at Syracuse University. The opening exhibition features work by Roper Martin. Mr. Menschel also creates an endowment fund at the university that will help support catalogues to accompany each exhibition. To avoid confusion, the gallery located at the Community Darkrooms is officially named the Light Work Gallery. A 20" Hope color processor is installed at the Community Darkrooms.Contact Sheet 47 announces the death of Clarence John Laughlin (1905-1985).

Light Work Gallery Sheila Pinkel ï Peter Moore ï Zeke Barman ï Pleasure Ground-photographs by Lucinda Devlin and a video by John Orentlicher ï John Gossage and Jim Stone ï Industrial Photographs: A Survey 1900-1970 - organized by CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, NY ï1985 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence Kathleen Kenyan ï Robert Giard ï Barbara Ess ï David Graham ï Bruce Horowitz ïMelissa Shook ï Joe Lawton Karl Baden ï Gary Metz ï Dawoud Bey ï John Dziadecki ï Scott McCarney Light Work Grant Keith Tishken -Rita M. Deierlein ï Rosemarie Imhoff ï John Fuller Menschel Gallery Roger Martin Special Projects Christian Sunde receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through LW to display a series of large-scale hand-colored photographs titled Adirondacks to Guatemala on the sides of Centro Buses in Syracuse ï Light Work: Photography Over the 70's and 80's-a retrospective exhibition curated by Jeffrey Hoone and Janice Giarracco, and designed by Jane and Greg Dailey, opens at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue and the Gallery Association of New York State circulates the exhibition throughout the state for three years ï LW hosts a performance by Ed Sanders at the Syracuse Stage Contact Sheet 48 publishes one of Sanders' poems with reference to Tom Bryan's farm and maple sugar operation.



Gina Murtagh is hired as Assistant Director. Light Work is back to two full-time employees. After hosting a few performances in the past two years Light Work begins a regular Performance Art Series.

Light Work Gallery Sheila McLaughlin, Anne Rowland and Joni Sternbach ï John Kennard ï Bill Arnold ï Dawoud Bey ï Barbara Lattanzi ïRuth Morgan and Richard Ray Whitman ï La Gran Passion-organized by En Foco, an artists' space in the Bronx ï 1986 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence Adal ï James Welling ï Judith Harold Steinhauser ï Danny Caracelo ï Frank Hunter ï Linda Adele Goodine ï Jules Allen ï Kerry Coppin ï Joyce Salloum Light Work Grant Thomas Brown ï Kathy Morris ï Douglas Prince ï Lynn Schwarzer Menschel Gallery Helen Levitt ï Aaron Siskind ï Marion Post Walcott ï John Wood-curated by Nancy Gonchar Special Projects John Reis receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through LW to produce Cleared to Land-a series of photographs made at small airports. The finished mural-size images are displayed at airports throughout the state Performance Art Pat Oleszko performs The Soiree of O at the Milky Way Club in the Syracuse University Schine Student Center - Star Peace, a rock opera by Ed Sanders, is presented at Syracuse Stage. The performance, organized by Tom Walsh, is accompanied by a poetry reading by Allen Ginsberg and two performances by the rock band The Fugs ï Charles Dennis performs Faces in the Crowd at the Milky Way Club.



Light Work publishes the 55th issue of Contact Sheet Five issues are published this year at a total cost of $7,500 (this is less than what one issue will cost ten years later).

Light Work Gallery Independents 1-David Dapogny, Nomi Kaplan, William Paris, and Bruce Wrighton - Julie Ault and Joseph Mills ï Douglas Curran ï Marilyn Anderson ïBruce Horowitz ïJack Fulton ïKerry Coppin ï Photographs from the LW Collection - 1987 Light Work Grant Recipients Lectures Marilyn Anderson and Jonathan Garlock Artist-in-Residence Coreen Simpson ï Jo Babcock ï Sheila McLaughlin ï Joni Sternbach ï Richard Colburn ï Lou Marcus ïVincent Borrelli ï Sophie Rivera ï Pavel Banks ï David Wells ï Marilyn Nance ï Blanca Sierra Light Work Grant Luke Buffenmeyer ï Margaret Fabrizio ï Jeff Koch ï Priscilla Smith Menschel Gallery Ricardo Salcedo and Andres Serrano, Anti-Heroes and Predatory Powers ï  Seneca Ray Stoddard, In the Adirondacks with Camera ï Bob Hower, Mechanics of Integrity ïJudith Harold Steinhauser and Linn Underhill, Ceremonies and Transition Performance Art Pat Oleszko performs Warn Piece Where Fools Russian ñ Avante-garde violinist Leroy Jenkins in a solo performance ï Jerri Allyn performs Hot and Nasty Humor Works. All three performances are at the Milky Way Club.



After years of distributing its publications free of charge, Light Work initiates a publication subscription campaign which takes in $4,309 from 200 subscribers. Both Contact Sheet and Menschel Gallery catalogues are printed in runs of 3,500, with the majority of issues distributed to artists, galleries, museums, and universities. Light Work receives a $75,000 Advancement Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to begin an endowment fund to support projects by mid-career artists. A four-color reproduction is used in Contact Sheet for the first time.

Light Work Gallery Marietta Pathy Allen, The Beholder's Eye: Men as Women ï Barbara Bosworth and Frank Hunter ï Melanie Walker ï Lisa Bloomfield and Connie Hatch ï Ted Diamond ï War Scenes-Mark Chambers and Mimi Plumb Chambers ï  1988 Light Work Grant Recipients Workshops David Moore, Collage Printing Artist-in-Residence Mark Steinmetz ï Nereyda Garcia-Ferraz ï Rick Hock ï Lynne Cohen ï Carrie Mae Weems ï Dan Younger ï Jeffrey Wolin ï Nina Kuo ï Thomas Florschuetz ï Winfred Evers Light Work Grant Courtney Frisse­ ï Marie K. Parsons ï Roderick L. Sutton ï Bruce Wrighton Menschel Gallery Jim Pomeroy, Stereo Views Photography Speaks, photographs from a New York Collection-organized by the Chrysler Museum and curated by Brooks Johnson ï William E. Parker, Recent Work ï Seniors from the Newhouse and Art Media Studies Programs at Syracuse University ï Persona, Linda Adele Goodine and Anne Rowland ï Marion Faller, Detail-Repetition-Variation Special Projects LW publishes a 3D stereo Viewmaster Viewer by Jim Pomeroy titled Stereo Views ï Contact Sheet 61 features work on the cover by Barbara Zusman, Margaret Stratton, Michael Northrup, Curtis Walters, Corrine Whitaker, Gary Nickard, Judith Black, Jeffrey Blake, and Mark Goodman Performance Art Ethyl Eichelberger performs Leer at the Klub Polski in Syracuse ï Paul Zaloom and Tom Murrin, The Alien Comic perform at the Underground in the Syracuse University Schine Student Center ï  Jo Andres and Cynthis Meyers perform GhostFish Speak at Syracuse Stage ï  PS 122 Field Trip, Mark Anderson, Danny Mydlack, Ann Carlson, Ishmael Houston-Jones, and a film by Pat Oleszko at Syracuse Stage.



Light Work receives the New York State Governors Art Award for excellence along with Miles Davis and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Gary Hesse is hired as a Graduate Assistant Light Work purchases an Amiga computer for installation in the Community Darkrooms for use by members of the Darkrooms and Light Works visiting artists.

Light Work Gallery Peter Goin, Nuclear Landscapes Recreated: Photographers use Computers ï Joan Harrison, Esther Parada, and Terry Gips ï  Michelle Frankfurter ï Lynn Schwarzer ï 1989 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence Clarissa Sligh ï Marion Faller ï Don Unrau ï John Hodges ï Lydia Ann Douglas ï Pat Ward Williams ï John Fago ï Shawn Walker ï Paul McDonough ïRuth Wallen ï Michael Gibbs ï Laura Cano ï Kat O'Brien Light Work Grant Thirza Devlin ï Stephen Mahan III ï Mary Warner Marion ï Adrienne Salinger Menschel Gallery An installation by Alfredo Jaar, Sheer Conviction ï Michael Martone, Verismo ï Joan Lyons ï Evon Streetman Special Projects Jo Babcock receives a Sponsored Project Grant from NYSCA through LW to turn a VIN bus into a pinhole camera ï The cover of Contact Sheet 66 features work by Nathaniel Burkins, William Wellman, Eduardo Dal Valle and Mirta Gomez, Trace Rosel, Donald R. Anderson, Miriam Fishman, Jake Seniuk, Debra Heimerdinger, and John Humble Performance Art Robbie McCauley performs Indian Blood at Syracuse Stage ï Eric Darton and Scott Rossi perform Help for the Choking Victim at the Underground in the Syracuse University Schine Student Center.



The focus of the Light Work Gallery shifts to regional exhibitions and exhibitions drawn from its collection.

Light Work Gallery Art Media Studies Seniors Exhibition ï Chris Sullivan-curated by LW Graduate Assistants Gary Hesse and Jeff Mitchell ï Ronald A. Wilcox, Interplay: the visual/the verbal ï Susan Brodie, The Roof of the World From the Light Work Collection ï 1990 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence Anne Rowland ïAccra Shepp ï Sylvia de Swaan ï Jim Pomeroy ï  Maria Martinez Canas ï Gail Nicholson ï Deborah Willis -ï Tim Maul  ï Eric Breitenbach ï Scott Casher ï Frank Stewart ï Piotr Szyhalski ï Richard Lowenberg Light Work Grant Vincent Borrelli ï Nancy Gonchar ï Jason Mahshie ï Christian Sunde Menschel Gallery Robert Gland, Particular Voices: Portraits of Gay and Lesbian Writers ï Marilyn Nance, Religion: African American Spiritual Expressions ï Christian Sunde, Metaphors of Intimacy ï A Reflexion of Events: Four Czech Photographers, Pavel Banka, Rudo Prekop, Miro Svolik, and Milota Havrankova Special Projects Adrienne Salinger receives a NYSCA Sponsored Project Grant through LW to produce a series of photographs titled Teenagers and Their Bedrooms Performance Art Tom Cayler performs Men Die Sooner - and the group Other Countries with Donald Woods, Colin Robinson, David Warren Frechette, Roy Gonsalves, Edward C. Nash, and Christopher-Dana Rose, perform Acquired Visions, Seeing Ourselves Through AIDS, at the Underground in the Syracuse University Schine Student Center ï Paul Zaloom performs Theatre of Trash at the Underground.



Gina Murtagh, Light Work's Assistant Director, leaves to pursue graduate studies in photography and is replaced by Amy Hufnagel. Light Work phases out its Performance Art Series. Contact Sheet 71 announces the death of Marion Post Wolcott (1910-1990). Light Work offers limited edition prints and signed books through its subscription program for the first time.

Light Work Gallery Hiroshima-organized by the Visual Studies Workshop and curated by Hiromi Tsuchida ï Biff Henrich ï Art Media Studies Seniors Exhibition ï 1991 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence Sharon Stewart ï  Mona Jimenez ï Hilton Braithwaite ï Terry Gips ï Mikael Levin ï  Tyrone Georgiou ï Casey Williams ï Maxine Walker ï Toba Tucker ï Keith Piper ï Paul Rutkovsky ï Patti Ambrogi ï Torry Gleaton Light Work Grant Laura Cano ïDarrell Matsumoto ï Jon Reis ï William Staffeld Menschel Gallery Time Bomb - Ingeborg Gerdes, Barbara Norfleet and John Pfahl ï Clarissa Sligh, The Presence of Memory ï Ed Grazda, Searching for the Good Light ï Carole Conde and Karl Beveridge Fine Print Program Scott McCarney ï Carrie Mae Weems ï Jim Pomeroy Book Collectors Program Photography Speaks, edited by Brooks Johnson Special Projects Contact Sheet 70 features Adrienne Salinger's project Teenagers and Their Bedrooms.



Light Work begins the process of cataloging the 1,100 images in its collection. The process entails the creation of an image database of the collection. Gary Hone graduates from the Art Media Studies Department at Syracuse University end is hired as a part-time Lob Manager. Contact Sheet 73 announces the death of Jim Pomeroy 11945-1992).

Light Work Gallery In the Scope--Photographs from the Light Work Collection ï Art Media Studies Seniors Exhibition ï Julio Mitchell ïCommunity Darkrooms Member Exhibition ï  Recent Acquisitions to the LW Collection ï 1992 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in­-Residence Charles Biasiny-Rivers ï Vikky Alexander ï Mel Rosenthal ï Detlef Henrichs ï Willie Middlebrook ï Chris Sullivan ï Tatana Kellner ï Jolene Rickard ï Yuri Marder ï Alan de Souza ï Yong Soon Min ï Ulf Erdmann Ziegler ï Billy Quinn Light Work Grant Sherry Chayat ï Sylvia de Swoon ï Michael Greenlar ï Allyn Stewart Menschel Gallery Noisy Insignificance, a ten-channel video installation by John Knecht and Les Leveque ï Leandro Katz, The Catherwood Project  ï Willyum Rowe, Discovery and Detail ï Lucinda Devlin, The Omega Suites ï Hilton Braithwaite, Easy Fine Print Program Roger Martin, Clarissa Sligh, Jeffrey Hoone, Anne Rowland Book Collectors Program Jack Fulton, 2 Saunters: Summer & Winter Special Projects LW produces a special publication of work by Julio Mitchell.



Light Work publishes Stranger Than Fiction, a photography book by Jim Stone. This is the first project supported by Light Works Endowment Fund for Mid-Career Artists. LIN purchases its first Macintosh computer for use by visiting artists and Community Darkrooms members.

Light Work Gallery Art Media Studies Seniors Exhibition ï From the Light Work Collection ï White Rose Society Exhibition ï Community Darkrooms Member Exhibition ï 1993 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence Bill Gaskins ï Andrea Modica ï Victor Lugansky ï Pat Bacon ï Laura Aguilar ï Gaye Chan ï Deborah Brackenbury ï Boris Mihailov ï Diane Neumaier ï Amy Jenkins ï Corky Lee ï Fazal Sheikh Light Work Grant Wendi Ackerman ï Eleanor Hassett ï Heidi Kumao ï Stephen Skopik Menschel Gallery Abstracted Identities, Patti Ambrogi and Willie Middlebrook ï  Doug Muir, Public Axis ï Peter de Lory, Short Stories-The West- ï Fazal Sheikh, A Sense of Common Ground ï - Photographs from Kenya's Northern Frontier Fine Print Program Tony Gleaton, Linda Adele Goodine, Chris Sullivan, Marilyn Nance Book Collectors Program Jim Pomeroy, Stereo Views Special Projects Contact Sheet 77 features a new section called Gallery in Print photos by Toby Old ï Contact Sheet 80 announces the exhibit Photography and Identity. Selections from the Light Work Collection at the Lowe Art Gallery at Syracuse University curated by Teddy Aiken, Director of the Lowe Art Gallery, and students in the Museum Studies program at Syracuse University.



Assistant Director Amy Hufnagel leaves Light Work to pursue independent art projects and Gary Hesse is promoted from part-time Lab Manager to full-time Associate Director. Stephanie Nagal is hired as a part-time Administrative Assistant

Light Work Gallery A Sense of Values; American Marines in an Uncertain World, photos by Bob Mahoney, text by Dave Wood ï Silver Light work from the LW Collection curated by LW interns Alison Shirk and Elise Thompson ï Community Darkrooms Members Exhibition ï Recent Acquisitions to the Light Work Collection ï Art Media Studies Senior Exhibition ï1994 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence Barbara Yoshida ï Ann Holcomb ï Carlos Gutierrez-Solana ï Gavin Lee ï Elise Mitchell Sanford ï Shelley Niro ï Young K ï Sara Hart ï Sylvia de Swoon ï Kathy Vargas ï Lida Suchy ï Miso Suchy Light Work Grant Brantley Carroll ï Rhea Garen ï David Moors ï Diane Nerwen Menschel Gallery Bern Porter, SEe(MAN)TIC ï Jolene Rickard, Cracked Shell ï Don Unrau, Vietnam-War Stories and Meditations ï Tyrone Georgiou, Virtual Archaeology Fine Print Program Lucinda Devlin, Hilton Braithwaite, Doug Muir Book Collectors Program Jim Stone, Stranger Than Fiction Special Projects Contact Sheaf 88 features photographs by Joe Szabo from his series 25 Years at Jones Beach, with an essay by Fielding Dawson ï Contact Sheet 84 features Return, photographs by Sylvia de Swaan, with an essay by Adrian Giurgea-a special project supported by The New York State Council on the Arts, The New York Foundation for the Arts, ArtsLink Partnership, and Art Matters Inc.



Stephanie Nagel leaves to take a full-time job in Washington, DC, and Mary Lee Hodgens is hired as a part-time Administrative Assistant. Light Work launches a homepage on the Internet including images and text about exhibitions, residencies, and work from the collection. Contact Sheet 88 announces the death of Light Work board member Patrick Heagerty (1955-1995).

Light Work Gallery Arti-FACE, work by graduate students in the Art Media Studies Department at Syracuse University-Susan Carnahan, Ariel Foster, Laura Jones, Rebekah Modrak, Josefa Mulaire, Libby Rowe, Tracy Wascom, and Kim Wolf ï Syracuse as Subject, images from the LW Collection ï Recent Acquisitions ï Art Media Studies Seniors Exhibition ï Community Darkrooms Member Exhibition ï 1995 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence Andrea Bobbins and Max Becher ï Patty Wallace ï Gary Nickard ï John Spence ï Gerald Cyrus ï Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie ï Martins Lopez ï Bill McDowell ï Laura Cana ï Albert Chong ï Judith Black ï Craig Barber ï Lou Draper (2 weeks in '95 and '96) Light Work Grant Brett Booth ï Sarah Cunningham ï Linn Underhill ï Emile Wamsteker Menschel Gallery Yuri Marder, The Exile Project ï Rita Hammond, Making Connections ï Elise Mitchell Sanford, The Stuff of Dreams ï Appeal to this Age: Photography of the Civil Rights Movement 1954-1988 - a traveling exhibition curated by Steven Casher for the Howard Greenberg Gallery Fine Print Program Willie Middlebrook, Fazal Sheikh Book Collectors Program Andrea Modica, Minor League.



John Freyer is hired as a full-time Lab Manager. Light Work produces Visits, a portfolio of twenty 23 x 18' platinum prints by Linda Connor. The printing of the portfolio is supported by Light Works Endowment Fund for Mid Career Artists. Limited edition platinum prints are offered through our subscription program for the first time.

Light Work Gallery Myth, Memory, and Metaphor 12 Women Photographers selected from the Light Work Collection-caroled by Ariel Foster and Modrak ï Community Darkrooms Member Exhibition ï Art Media Studies Seniors Exhibition * 1998 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in­-Residence Lou Draper (2 weeks in '95 and '96) ï Roger Martin ï Lynne Cohen ï Pamela Vender Zwan ï Bob Haggart ï Deborah Bright ïMarcio Lima ï Tetsu Okuhara ï Danny Tisdale ï Peter Max Kandhola ï Liz Birkholz - Renee Cox - Lewis Watts ï Dona Ann McAdams ï Miriam Romais Light Work Grant Gina Murtagh ï Adrienne Salinger ï Vincent Borrelli Menschel Gallery Chris Sullivan, Some Other Realms ïBill Gaskins, Good and Bad Hair ï  The Light Work Collection - Circumstances Over Design ï  Linda Connor, Visits Fine Print Program Bill McDowell, Albert Chong, Martins Lopez Platinum Editions Program Linda Connor Book Collectors Program Fazal Sheikh, A Sense of Common Ground.



Light Work produces Permutations on the Picturesque, a portfolio of twenty Iris prints by John Pfahl. The portfolio is supported by Light Work's Endowment Fund for Mid Career Artists. Mary Lee Hodgens becomes a full-time Administrative Assistant. Light Work now has four fulltime staff. Publication subscribers now number over 2,200 including subscribers in all 50 states and 12 foreign countries. The Light Work Collection includes over 1,700 images all catalogued on a searchable computer image database. 217 artists have participated in the Artist-in-Residence Program. Light Work has now produced over 150 publications.

Light Work Gallery Recent Acquisitions to the LW Collection ï Art Media Studies Seniors Exhibition ï Newhouse Seniors Exhibition ï Community Darkrooms Member Exhibition ï Father's Day-Charles Wainwright and Gary Welts ï 1997 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence Valerie Maynard ï Steve Cagan ï James Williams ï Robert Flynt ï Pamela Shields ï Stanley Greenberg ï Linda Adele Goodine ï Dave Lewis ï Carla Williams ï Allyn Stewart Light Work Grant Mary Warner Marten ï Mark Alice Durant ï Mary Beth Heffernan Menschel Gallery Bruce Gilden, Haiti: Dreams and Nightmares ï Alan de Souza and Yong Soon Min, AlterNatives ïJohn Pfahl, Permutations on the Picturesque ï Dona Ann McAdams, The Garden of Eden, with text by Brad Kessler Fine Print Program Renee Cox, Bob Hower, Dawoud Bey Platinum Editions Program Zeke Barman Book Collectors Program Bruce Gilden, Haiti Special Projects LW mounts an exhibition from its collection titled Syracuse as Subject at the John H. Mulroy Civic Center in Syracuse. The exhibition is sponsored by the Cultural Resources Council.



Contact Sheet 97 is published to celebrate Light Work's 25th Anniversary.

Light Work Gallery (as of June 1998) Computer Assisted - selections from Light Work's collection ï Community Darkrooms Member Exhibition ï Newhouse Seniors Exhibition ï 1998 Light Work Grant Recipients Artist-in-Residence (as of June 1998) Michael Putnam ïMargaret Stratton ï Elijah Gowin ï Chan Chao ï Nancy Floyd Light Work Grant Michael Greenlar ï Dede Hatch ï Janice Levy Menschel Gallery (as of June 1998) Eclectic Flavour, Joy Gregory, Roshini Kempadoo, Addela Khan, Franklyn Rodgers, and Yinka Shonibare, caroled by Eddie Chambers and sponsored by Autograph: The Association of Black Photographers in London ï Bill McDowell, Banner of Light. The Lily Dale Photographs Fine Print Program Dons Ann McAdams, John Pfahl, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie Platinum Editions Program Carrie Mae Weems Book Collectors Program Bill Gaskins, Good and Bad Hair.


Contact Sheet 97: 25th Anniversary Edition

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Group Name: 
Light Work
Group Dates: 
1973 - present
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Syracuse, New York