An Introduction to The Play Program

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An Introduction to The Play Program. Runs on a PDP 11 Digital Computer. Footnotes indicate that PLAY was first described at the Computer Music Conference at San Diego in October 1977, with the name RTMS1. The principles upon which the system is based are described in Chadabe, Joel, "Some Reflections on the Nature of the Landscape within which Computer Music Systems are Designed," Computer Music Journal, I(3):5-11, June 1977. "PLAY ...grew out of our knowledge of several other programs and systems, particularly Groove and the Conductor Program from Bell Telephone Laboratories, Donald Buchla's Series 500 Electric Music Box and Salvatore Martirano's Salmar Construction. Our intention in PLAY was to maximize a composer's flexibility in conceptualizing temporal processes..." see listing of computer music software history at Martirano:

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