Image Processing Manual: Studio Manual for the Experimental Television Center

Publication TypeBook
AuthorsHocking, Sherry; Brewster, Richard; Jones, David; Brewster, Richard; Hank Rudolph; Matthew Schlanger
SourceExperimental Television Center, Owego, NY (1978)

Image Processing Manual (1986). Signal graph leaflets. Information on The Experimental Television Center's Analog Synthesizer. Image Processing Manual contents follow: Theory of Signals, Theory of Sync, Introduction, Setting Up the System, Processing Modules (Voltage Control Amplifiers, Keyers, Colorizers, Special Effects Generator, Jones Frame Buffer, Character Generator). Includes information on the following modules: Jones 8 Input Sequencer, Jones Keyers, Jones Six Channel Colorizer, Paik/Abe Colorizer, Jones Frame Buffer, and the Jones Oscillators. The Analog Control System has detailed explanations of gain, bias, waveshape. Includes Detailed Module Description, Negative Ramp, Positive Ramp, Waveshaper (WS), Inverter X2, Random, One Shot, One Pulse, Gate, Triangle, Analog System: Modules in Box 2, Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), Comparators, Mixers, Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (Dual VCA), Voltage Controlled Eilies (VCE), and Suggested Patches by Richard Brewster (1978), revised (1984).