Hocking System

Publication TypeBook
AuthorsRalph Hocking; Brewster, Richard
SourceExperimental Television Center, Binghamton, NY (1973)

Hocking System. Hocking Proc Amplifier notes by Ralph Hocking includes Proc. Amplifier schematic, Connector Panel, and Keyer (grey level) schematic. Output Amplifier Parts Count. Output Amplifier schematics (pp. 1 & 2 of 2, 09.15.1981). OA 1 parts list (3 pages). OA-1 option guide. Edge Connector. Engineering Box. Hocking System Rack (Back View) (Hocking, 01.09.83), dismantled 08.86 (Brewster). Disk Routines by Tarbell Electronics (12.13.1981). Sawtooth Phaser schematic. Hocking System Phase Shift, Bin Card. Hocking System P.S. General schematic. Hocking Sytem Back Panel. Sequencer Board B Logic. Hocking System 8 Channel Sequential Switch. Stancor Service Data Sheet (part nos. TP-2 thru TP-6) (05.24.73). Hocking System Patch Panel diagram. Block Diagram of Control Room Rack. 4 Input Sequencer schematic. Ralph's Output Amplifier schematic. Ralph's Phase Shifter. Tracking Oscillator Regulator (on card) schematic. Voltage Controlled Bank: text on rules for Patching Matrix- General, Mixers/Inverters, and Oscillators (front and back). Ralph's Oscillator Ranges. Voltage Controlled Bank Phase Shift schematic. Mixer and Inverter. Experimental Television Center Oscillator Ranges. Hocking Voltage Controlled Bank, Ramp Generator. Hocking VC Bank, Video Line Drivers. VCB Boards. VCB Rack Disignation. ETC Oscillator 8038B. Phase Shift for Veritical and Horizontal Locked Waveforms. Hocking System, Memorex 550 Drives, schematic by Tarbell Electronics.