Groups: Links to Organizations

Advocacy and Service

Alliance of Artists’ Communities
National service organization supporting the field of artists’ communities and residency programs. Encourages collaborations among members, promotes philanthropy and programs that support creation of art and engages in research projects.

Alliance of NYS Arts Organizations
Has a 25 year history as New York’s primary service association for community based arts and cultural organizations. The Alliance provides leadership and vision, and delivers services, resources and tools that strengthen community cultural organizations.

American Federation of the Arts
Service programs for cultural organizations

American Library Association - Office of Intellectual Freedom
The ALA site contains numerous resources related to libraries as well as information about the ALA and its services. Online resources include news, events listings, library advocacy and support, education employment, work of the association, membership information, organization information and links to other library web sites. Search engine allows searching of ALA’s web site.

Americans for the Arts
Americans for the Arts is the national organization dedicated to building a better America through the arts. To this end, Americans for the Arts works with cultural organizations, arts, business and government leaders and patrons to provide leadership, research, visibility, professional development and advocacy to advance support and resources for the arts in communities across the country. Searchable database of arts information.

Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers
AIVF was established by a group of independent makers to offer support and resources to independent artists. With nearly 5,000 members internationally, AIVF has been in the forefront of many media advocacy efforts.

College Art Association
CAA is a membership organization of over 12,000 individuals and organizations, museums, libraries, and university departments. News and calendar section features a wide variety of news from CAA and other sources. Additional information on books, periodicals, services and other information provided by CAA, annual conferences, links to other arts and educational resources, and a search engine for finding information on the CAA web site.

Free legal forms and templates.

Free Speech TV
Progressive counter media sources; progressive television programming to stations around the country. freespeech internet television system is the first audio/video hub on the web created and defined by its membership.

Libraries for the Future
LFF is a non-profit organization dedicated to information equity, literacy and the preservation and renewal of libraries. You’ll find information about three main topics: public education and research (publications, forums and research information), national and local projects, and library and information policy. Also listings of other free services and products related to libraries, and news on the Universal Service issue.

Media Alliance
A non-profit media arts organization dedicated to advancing media arts in New York State. Key areas of support and information include advocacy, calendar of events, membership information, resources and preservation information. Resource area includes Media Matters newsletter highlights, resource guide, publications listing, a member directory and listings of programs and events. Detailed information about video preservation, video collections, preservation news and more.

National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture
A national association of non-profit organizations and individuals committed to furthering the media arts: film, video, audio, and digital. Offers advocacy and information services, a newsletter and a website with extensive resources and links.

New York Foundation for the Arts
The New York Foundation for the Arts enables contemporary artists to create and share their works and provides the broader public with opportunities to experience and understand the arts. The Foundation accomplishes this by providing responsive leadership and advocacy, offering financial and informational support and building collaborative relationships with others who are committed to the arts in New York State and throughout the United States. The NYFA site is a portal to Arts Wire, a national online service for arts and technology and for circuits@nys, a collaboration between NYFA and NYSCA to promote art’s communities use of new technology.

NYS Alliance for Arts Education
Dedicated to ensuring that the arts become an integral part of every child’s education in New York State. The Alliance provides informational services and professional development opportunities; creates networking and partnership opportunities for educators, teaching artists and arts professionals; and presents arts education programming across the state.

NY Women in Film and Television
Membership organization dedicated to helping women reach the highest levels of achievement in the film, television and new media industries. WIFT programs include international membership development, Open Screening, ShowBiz Expo, tours and workshops. News releases about women in media, corporate funding information, bulletin boards and membership information.

Open Studio
A national initiative of the Benton Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts, Open Studio provides access and training to artists and nonprofit arts organizations to ensure that the communications environment of the 21st century thrives as a source of creative excellence and diversity. Open Studio Weekly Digest, a free service of Open Studio: The Arts Online reports on current events in our regional training sites, arts and technology news, and Web resources of interest to the nonprofit arts community.


Black Maria
The Thomas A. Edison Media Arts Consortium (TAEMAC) was started in 1980-81 as the Black Maria Film Festival with the endorsement of the Edison National Historic Site. The Festival celebrates the origins of film and independent vision by conducting an annual national competition known for its commitment to bold contemporary work. A multi-state tour of the competition’s award winning selections begins each January.

Deep Dish Television
Deep Dish is a grass-roots public access television satellite-based distribution network. Deep Dish assembles materials from producers around the world to exhibit via public access TV. News and announcements, a history of Deep Dish, and a catalog of all Deep Dish programs from 1986 to the present.

Entitled Corporate Consulting for the 21st Century, a site for many artist projects such as the Barbie Liberation project and the Presidential Exploratory Committee

911 Gallery
Non-profit gallery promoting public awareness of digital media in fine arts. Online gallery features works by many new artists, and special exhibits, many internet-based utilizing new cyberart technologies. Links to digital artists, galleries and other related resources.

AAM/Media and Technology Committee
Each year the AAM Media and Technology Committee supports a variety of programs designed to promote and develop the field of museum media and technology. This includes encouraging development of related session proposals for presentations and panels at the annual meeting, sponsoring media and technology related sessions and workshops, coordinating the annual Marketplace of Ideas, and Annual MUSE Awards and champagne reception.

American Museum of the Moving Image
The nation’s most important collection of motion picture and television artifacts. It presents retrospective film series, often accompanied by discussions with the filmmakers themselves, and digital media seminars with industry pioneers. Education programs for junior high school and high school students connect moving image media with the study of the humanities and sciences. Exhibitions elegantly illustrate how the art and the craft of moving image making are inseparable.

Anthology Film Archive
Based in New York, AFA is a museum exclusively devoted to film as an art. AFA has extensive collections of films and offers numerous exhibitions and events. Available on this site are press releases, membership information, and information on renting AFA’s theater.

Artists Space Inc.
The mission of Artists Space is to encourage diversity and experimentation in the arts, to provide an exhibition space for untried art and artists, and to foster an appreciation for the role that artists play in our community as reporters, provocateurs, commentators and peers.

Artists Television Access

Boston Cyberarts Festival
This site, based on the first Festival held in 1999, contains articles and interviews with cyber artists, a virtual gallery HyperArtSpace, Faces of Tomorrow, a web site where kids from all over the world can submit digital self-portraits and the Artists’ Proposal Database .

Castellani Art Gallery
Located at Niagara University in western New York, the Castellani Gallery has a permanent collection of 3,000 art works. Information on exhibitions present and past, education programs, the folk arts program, and the soon to be completed museum resource center.

CEPA Gallery

Cornell Cinema
Extensive and eclectic mix of film, video and new media programming. Cornell Cinema’s primary mission is educational--to expose Ithaca audiences to alternative forms of cinema (such as documentary, classic and experimental films) as well as alternative voices not usually heard through the mass media.

Creative Time

DeCordova Museum
The DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park is a museum of contemporary and modern American art. Descriptions of current exhibits, sculpture park information, events and programs listings, the museum school of art, and other museum services.

D FILM Digital Film Festival
A traveling festival which showcases the innovative way people are using technology to make low-budget and independent films. Information of films available, submission process, a how to section of technical tips on digital filmmaking, and discussions with filmmakers about how they did it. IN the works: a city by city guide of digital film resources.

Dia Center for the Arts
For over twenty years, Dia Center for the Arts has initiated and presented interdisciplinary art and criticism, particularly that not otherwise supported by more conventional institutions. Beginning in early 1995, Dia initiated a series of artists’ projects for the web by commissioning significant projects from artists such as Kristin Lucas, Molissa Fenley, and Tony Oursler.

Regular cable programming; workshops

Everson Museum of Art
Everson maintains one of the earliest and most comprehensive collections of art videos of the period of this genre's birth in the late 1960s through the 1970s. The approximately 500 tapes includes work by Nam June Paik, Mary Lucier, William Wegman, and Bill Viola.

Film Forum
Independent film programming

Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.

Free Speech TV
Progressive television programming to stations around the country

Guggenheim Museum
With satellite sites in Soho and around the world.

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center
Artwaves, public access programming; regular series of film and video screenings and presentations

The Iota Center
Dedicated to preserving, promoting and celebrating the art of abstraction in film, video, performance, installation and computer-animated art

Jewish Museum Archive of Broadcasting
Annual New York Jewish Film Festival; archive

The Knitting Factory
A New York City venue for Jazz, Rock, new music, poetry, film, video and performance art, with live cybercast concerts.

The Kitchen
The Electronic Cafe@ The Kitchen showcased artists working with new technologies; The Kitchenette at Threadwaxing Space features artists from the distribution catalog and shows installation works. The Kitchen Video Distribution Catalog. History of The Kitchen and extensive database of exhibition programs from 1972.

Le CICV Pierre Schaeffer

As short films and videos continue to generate wider acceptance, we at Blackchair feel it more and more important to maintain a centralized web-based site that links all of the wonderful micro-activities world wide. Festivals continue to be a wonderful place to present your short works, however, there seems to be so many festival options now that an alternative to all of these choices is still attractive.

Millennium Film Workshop
A non-profit, film arts and community membership organization that was founded in 1966 and offers a variety of exhibition
programs, services, and classes for the Independent Filmmaker

The New York Lesbian and Gay EXPERIMENTAL Film and Video Festival is the longest running lesbian and gay film festival in New York and a premiere international venue for experimental media. Also presents the Queer Online Digifest.

Museum of Modern Art: Film and Video
Information on the Museum of Modern Art’s Film and Video Programs. Listings of films and videos shown, past and present from 1991 on. In their vault of resources: 14,000 films, 4 million stills from films, 800+ videos all at the Film Preservation Center. Basic information about center, including history of the center’s collection.

The Museum of Sound Recording

Not Still Art
A forum for artists working in abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with sound design; produces programs in collaboration with other institutions.

Ocularis at Galapagos Art Space
The mission of Ocularis is to bring innovative film and multi-media cinematic events to audiences in Brooklyn and New York City.

P.A.R.K. 4DTV : PiCT ViDeO RaDiO PiRaT LinKS TeX T
Streaming television and video art broadcastings on the web. Art radio via real audio. Art experiments, streaming and real time.

The Poool
A video performance group of artists Nancy Meli Walker, Angie Eng and Benton Bainbridge.

Osnabruck Media Art Festival
annual media art festival dedicated to experimentation in film, multimedia and performance, with artists, theorists, and journalists and the interested public as participants. Work includes all gauges of film and video, installation, performance, internet and CD-Rom works.

POV, The American Documentary
showcase of independent non-fiction on PBS

Pulsating OKAY! is a resource site about artists who make cinema live. Whether using video cameras, switchers, effects boxes, computers, bodies and/or props, these artists work the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of cinema on stage, simultaneously demystifying and reinvigorating the medium.

A production of Thirteen/WNET, Reel New York is a local television series featuring independent film and video, as well as locally produced independent Web-based art  Reel New York Web features a different Web artist(s) each week, including a short bio, a Q and A interview about their work, a description of the art by curatorial consultant Carl Goodman, and links to each of the featured pieces of Web art.

Rutgers Film Coop/NJ Media Arts Center
Non-commercial exhibition of independent, classic, international and experimental films, with many guest filmmakers. Info on the New Jersey Film Festival Fall 1998 (including screening schedule), NJMAC workshops and the United States Super 8 Film/Video Festival.Links to cyber journals and many other film sources.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Thread Waxing Space

video art and technologies

University Film Video Association
NextFrame one of the largest festival surveys of international student film and video works

Walker Art Center

Whitney Museum of American Art
Biennial exhibition includes media works

ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie
Media museum; Institute of Visual Media. studios and multimedia lab

New Technologies

911 Electronic Media Arts
Established in 1992 as a physical gallery, in 1994 911 became one of the first electronic media art galleries on the Web.

Promotes the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Academic Computing Facility Arts Technology Group NYU
The ATG is discipline centered unit which focuses on digital tools used by artists. NYU is a member of the New Media Centers consortium. News from the ATG, descriptions of facilities and on-site resources, staff listings and information about the New Media Centers.

Adaweb is being preserved by the Walker Art Center. The original developers of this site are some of the net-art pioneers active during the 1990's in New York City.

Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.
The purpose of  ASCI is to raise public awareness about artists and scientists using science and technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and to increase communication and collaborations between these fields. ASCI publishes a bi-weekly e-mail bulletin, hosts members meetings, and mounts exhibitions on the ASCI web site. Links to members’ home pages, wide-ranging news, reviews and other arts resources.

Art and Science Laboratory (ASL)
Electronic and computing arts and sciences as a new creative domain for human thought and action.

ART+COM was founded in 1988 in Berlin, Germany as a center for computer aided design and communication, with the intention to promote co-operation between science, design and education. Information available about services: architecture, VR for fairs and events, broadcast design, multimedia, interactive network services and more. An extensive browsable databank of images, descriptions of ART+COM projects and events.

Arts online, information resources

ArtsWire NY Foundation for the Arts
Online communications for the arts. Resources include a Web Education Resource, a database of cultural resource web sites, weekly arts news and weekly job listings. Additional information for ArtsWire members, including resources, benefits and conferences

A 1998 conference on art and technology organized by the New York State Council on the Arts.

Critical Artware

Dia Center
Beginning in early 1995, Dia initiated a series of artists' projects for the web by commissioning significant projects from artists such as Kristin Lucas, Molissa Fenley, and Tony Oursler.

Digital Souls

Electronic Cafe International
The Electronic Cafe International (TM) was founded in 1984 as a networked cultural research lab with a unique international network of multimedia telecommunications venues with over 40 affiliates around the globe. The ECI Network organizes and produces live performances and encounters in a combination of real and virtual spaces. Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz

Electronic Music Foundation (EMF)

A pivotal organization in L.A. that bridges the gap between Fine Art and Hollywood. Long before the term “desktop video” was coined, artists at EZTV were doing it. Over the years, EZTV has taught these techniques to many. Today, EZTV continues to expand its operating arena, with broadcast television, interactive multi-media, live performance and telecommunication arts.

Film Threat Online
Film Threat’s mission is to champion the increasingly popular explosion of independent and underground films via magazine, website, and weekly e-mail. Film Threat also distributes films on video. Extensive information on independent film production and distribution, and a searchable database of hundreds of reviews, film festivals, and interviews with filmmakers.

Foundation for Digital Culture
The Foundation promotes digital culture and art on-line. It seeks to foster communication and community and to advance an understanding of digital culture that may serve as a reference for content, policy, organization, and practice. Links to many sites including The Thing, Postmasters Gallery, the x-art foundation, and Gertrude Stein Repertory Theater.

International Digital Media and Arts Association (iDMAa)

Low Fi Net Art Locator

Musee d'Art Contemporain de Montreal
Has a linked list of web art and projects.

Netart Initiative
A loosely knit, open source based, hub styled, forum oriented, action enabled consortium

New media art and hacktivism

New York New Media Association
A membership organization which provides support services for creative and professional people. Web site has announcements and current news, events in the Silicon Alley area in New York City, job listings, online newsletter, members pages. Several Special Interest Groups with mailing lists, including the Educational SIG focused on advancing technology in education.

founded in 1995 to promote experimentation in the arts and technology, and the intersection of these two discipline

OffLine is a national arts organization, cable television screening, and distributor of independently produced films and videos.

Picture Projects presents documentary issues within a narrative form via the internet. Several online projects bring together photos, stories and other information from locations around the world in a unique interactive environment on the web.


Pseudo Online Network
Daily live audio and video netcasts. Established in 1994 by Joshua Harris, founder of Jupiter Communications, Pseudo Programs, Inc. is the premier provider of online Net-Television entertainment. Each week, Pseudo produces and netcasts over forty different interactive Net-TV shows, representing almost 200 original programming hours per month. All of Pseudo’s Net-Television shows are produced and netcast from its 30,000 square foot studio in the heart of New York City. Here, poets, writers, performers, performance artists, athletes and celebrities all come together to explore any topic in an atmosphere of uncensored artistic freedom.

A nonprofit organization that presents new media art to the public, fosters communication and critical dialogue about new media art, and preserves new media art for the future. They have an e-mail discussion list for of ideas, projects and events in the field of new media art and a digest list that provides listings, reviews, commentary, announcements and edited threads. Artbase is an online archive of Internet art projects.

Rose Goldsen Archives of New Media Art, Cornell

School of Visual Arts Digital Salon
Visual Arts Museum and the annual Digital Salon exhibits computer art and animation and provides a guide to the arts.
THE THING provides a context for the production and presentation of net specific art and the discourse surrounding it.

Thundergulch is laboratory space in Lower Manhattan's Silicon Alley that seeks to provide new forms of interaction between artists, audiences, and new technologies. Through partnerships between arts, technology, and industry, artists will be able to create and present works using the latest electronic and telecommunications tools. Thundergulch is particularly focused on projects that are interactive, interdisciplinary, and collaborative in nature. The Wall, a large video wall in the center, allows for large scale video display. Site includes The Wall’s schedule.

A project of New Radio and Performing Arts, its purpose is to facilitate artistic work that explores the specific characteristics of the World Wide Web medium and makes use of multimedia and online technologies. Turbulence presents works that allow users to interact with the content, and works that range from hypertext stories to hypermedia works. An extensive array of projects are available on this site, plus a calendar of upcoming events and projects.

Variable Media Initiative at the Guggenheim Museum
How artworks might be translated into alternate mediums once current formats become obsolete.

Web Development Fund, Web Lab
Web Lab is an online laboratory dedicated to developing new models for a new medium. It was founded to develop, sponsor and provide visibility for projects that explore innovative uses of communications technology and that bring fresh perspective and new voices to the discussion of public issues. Web Lab is an online laboratory dedicated to developing new models for a new medium. It was founded to develop, sponsor and provide visibility for projects that explore innovative uses of communications technology and that bring fresh perspective and new voices to the discussion of public issues. Web Lab is supported by grants from the Ford Foundation, PBS, and private family foundations. Web Lab is a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts.

An international organization for women involved with or interested in the internet. Information on locations of Webgrrls chapters, history of the organization, and the Biz-Line - information about all aspects of business both on and off the web.


Year Zero One
An on-line artist run centre which operates as a network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media through net art exhibitions, an extensive media arts directory, extensive links to on-line arts and art sites. Founded in 1996 by artists Michael Alstad and Camille Turner, YEAR01 accepts ongoing submissions from media artists, curators and writers.

Zu Casa Television
Zu Casa is a laboratory for online exhibition and performance of improvised and experimental music, artist film and video, and netart curated by The Donkey under the watchful eyes and ears of Damon Holzborn and Hans Fjellestad.

Multi-Focus Programs

911 Media Arts Center
911 is Washington’s non-profit media center supporting film and multimedia artists with new technology tools workshops and screenings. Info on memberships, electronic mailing list, and other 911 resources. Features include streamed animation, information about 911’s production facilities, screenings and a bulletin board area for message posting. Resource area has extensive links to other media arts information online.

Alliance of Artists' Communities

American Film Institute

Art in General
New York-based AIG is a non-profit contemporary arts organization where new artwork is created and presented through exhibitions, installations, residencies, public programs and publications. Calendar of events, information on exhibits at AIG’s galleries as well as video screenings.

Artists Television Access
A San Francisco-based non-profit, artist-managed media access facility. ATA provides regular screening of works via public access television, a variety of training workshops, information on submissions for ATA programs, equipment rentals and other resources.

Asian Media Access

Banff Centre for the Arts
The Banff CFA is a place for artists and is dedicated to lifelong learning and professional career development in the arts. They provide programs in Aboriginal Arts, Media and Visual Arts, Theater Arts and Writing and Publishing. The CFA also offers a
library and archives (with online resources), a search engine for finding resources on the Banff site, and information about media arts programs.

Bay Area Video Coalition
BAVC provides access to media, education, and technology in a state-of-the-art video/multimedia/telecommunications access center located in San Francisco. BAVC offers extensive production facilities, training workshops, online application forms for BAVC programs, media arts resource publications, and other programs and services. Also see their resource and job listing sections for additional helpful information.

Boston Film and Video Foundation
BFVF offers its members access to equipment, a research library and a monthly newsletter with news, job listings and current festival opportunities. Information about fiscal sponsorship of projects, festivals and events, and a complete listing of workshops.

Brooklyn Academy of Music
BAM is a cutting-edge performing arts institution that presents theater, music, dance and opera from around the world. The site posts information about current happenings such as the BAM Next Wave Festival (with descriptions of the featured works), and a bulletin board area.

City Lore

Downtown Community TV Center
New York-based non-profit media center focused on teaching people, particularly members of low-income and minority communities, how to produce insightful and artistic television. On this site: a history of DCTV, membership and internship information, youth programs, free community workshops, fiscal sponsorships and information about equipment access. Catalog listings of DCTV productions, including many RealVideo clips.

Experimental Television Center
Offers Residencies, Grants and Sponsorship of Artists Projects. Active in Preservation and Media History.

Film Arts Foundation
San Francisco-based media arts organization supporting artists working in film, video and new media. FAF offers seminars, equipment access, the Film Arts Festival of independent cinema, screening opportunities, and publishes the Release Print periodical. Membership information, and links to other media arts resources.

Filmmakers Collaborative
FMC provides an environment for independent producers and directors at low budget prices, and realize projects through collective resources and open discussion. Information about production facilities, recent productions, and FMC events.

Informational site for independently produced film and video that transgresses the traditional viewing experience. Four main sections include: artists (links to the artists and their work); venues - what, where and when; resources for film and video artists and a sampler of images from Flicker’s film and video collection. Also, recent alternative cinema news, announcements and links to many other alternative cinema sites, and an archive of the Frameworks mail list discussions from 1995 to present.


Franklin Furnace
exhibitions; funding; resource listing.

George Eastman House
International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, NY. Museum information includes exhibition and film schedules and other events. The Eastman house has an extensive and eclectic array of holdings available for research, including photographs, films, technology, and landscape collections, and a library of literature on photography and motion pictures.

Gertrude Stein Repertory Theater
Online projects for theater.

Contemporary arts center in Buffalo, NY. Site contains brief history, a calendar of events, artists opportunities (exhibits, funding, etc.) a gallery of recent exhibits, information about “Artwaves,” a public access television show produced by Hallwalls. Links to many other media art resources.

Non-profit organization based in New York City with programs that are international in scope. Audio and multimedia productions. There’s information about current events at Harvestworks and elsewhere, a newsletter, educational programs (courses, tutorials, and
an Interactive Media Group), production access studios, residencies, and the Tellus Audio Series, a groups of experimental music labels gathered to develop a community of aural landscapes.

IMAGE Film and Video Center
Independent Media Artists Group of Georgia, Etc. is a non-profit media center promoting production, exhibition and public awareness of film and video. Info on screenings and events, workshops, membership benefits, services and more. Independent film links, an AIVF salon, and the IMAGE bulletin board are excellent resources for media artists and others.

Improvising Artists
A listing of works available on CD and video from IAI, with descriptions of each CD.

Institute for Electronic Arts at Alfred University
Dedicated to the integration of electronic media within the fine arts disciplines through a focus on art making, research, and education.

Intercommunication Center
Based in Japan, ICC promotes dialogue between science, technology, art and culture. Site hosts permanent and special exhibitions. Online news in PDF file format. Cutting edge issues in art and technology. Artist database, video collections, workshops, chronology. Japanese text also.

Intermedia Arts of Minnesota
Based in Minneapolis, IAM is a non-profit multidisciplinary media arts center which offers artists support by presenting programs, and community education in the upper midwest region. Info on happenings, archives of old events, artist resources (facilities, sponsorship, workshops, exhibition), community programs, and links to interesting arts resources. Part of the Open Studio: Arts Online Project.

International Documentary Association
A non-profit association founded in 1982 to raise public consciousness of documentary’s importance. IDA events include The International Documentary Film Festival, International Documentary Congress Three, and awards programs. Membership information, resources (publications, survival guide, fiscal sponsorship). Also available: archive of student documentary work.


Light Work
Offers Residencies in the photography and computer lab, an exhibition program and a regular publication, Contact Sheet, and exhibition catalogs, as well as a permanent collection of prints and still-image computer works.

Lowell Telecommunications Corporation
A community media center in Lowell, Massachusetts with television production and computer-based resources.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network

The Media Arts Center Pittsburgh Filmmakers

Media Working Group
A non-profit media education, research and development organization based in Greater Northern Kentucky-Cincinnati area. Info on MWG history, its working groups, educational and media literacy activities, training workshops, telecommunications information, and exhibitions. Also links to other arts resources. Part of the Open Studio: Arts Online Project.

Meet the Composer
Meet The Composer a national organization, serving composers of every kind of music throughout the US, offering commissioning, residency, education, and audience interaction programs.

Boston’s artist-run center for experimental work in all media. Mobius presents the work of over 100 artists each year in the Boston area. Calendar of events, news, how to get involved, archives of event notes from 1995-present, online gallery of performances and installation from previous Mobius shows.Links to some artists, places and spaces.

National Asian American Telecommunications Association
Support for projects concerning Asian or Asian-American topics.

National Museum of the American Indian Film and Video Center

New Radio and Performing Arts
New Radio and Performing Arts produces new works for radio (New American Radio) and new media (Turbulence). New American Radio provides a wide range of programs for radio. The site features excerpts from new works, a catalog of NAR artists and works, writings about radio and general information about NAR (distribution, funders, producers and affiliate stations). The Turbulence site features many online art projects, a a calendar of events and basic information about Turbulence.

NOMADS is a non-profit new media collective dedicated to developing global pathways, real or virtual, connecting artists, institutions and audiences. We achieve this goal through a combination of web-based projects and events within our local community

Northwest Film and Video Center Portland Art Museum
A regional media arts resource and service organization based in Portland, Oregon. Exhibition information of films and videos now playing, touring programs, festivals and events. Educational programs and artist services include continuing education courses, a Film in the Schools program, and equipment access for artists. Links to numerous film, video and media web sites.

Pauline Oliveros Foundation
Creation of new work through research in arts technology

Peoples Video Network
PVN is a media activist group with more than 50 public access TV shows and hundreds of documentaries. Directory of public access channels airing PVN works, online video store of available videos on many topics, information on PVN netcasting operations (in cooperation with Free Speech TV).

Perry Hoberman

Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Large media arts center has program in education, equipments access, community outreach and exhibition. Artist services provide access to production equipment in a variety of media. The school program teaches film, video photography and digital imaging for credit to area college students and independent community students.

P.O.V. Interactive
POV, the PBS documentary show, created POV Interactive for web-based innovative projects. Info on current POV television season, including RealAudio and RealVideo clips, interviews, film information, and a salon for online discussions. Numerous POV/PBS opportunities for independent producers listed here, including the Web Development Fund for projects on the web. Searchable database of independent work aired on POV/PBS, and funding resources.

Real Art Ways
Contemporary arts center in Hartford, CT with programs in Visual Arts, Live Arts (innovative musics of all kinds, performance, spoken word) and Film and Video.

Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources
Supports and promotes the creation of film, video and digital media by independents in Buffalo and Western New York. Info about The Squealer publication; Axelgrease, Squeaky Wheel’s public access television series; calendar, membership information and open
screenings. Squeaky Wheel provides low cost production facilities for independent productions.

Society for Old and New Media
A media center in Amsterdam, Holland The design department of the Society for Old and New Media creates environments for the Internet, interfaces and hybrid media applications like interactive television. The so-called ‘Adventures’ of the Society are training and workshops for policymakers, teachers, developers and advisors virtual classroom of the Theatrum Anatomicum runs conferences, manifestations, debates, presentations and exhibitions.

Standby Program
Access to commercial post facilities

STEIM [studio for electro-instrumental music]

Southwest Alternative Media Project is a non-profit regional media arts center committed to production, promotion and presentation of film and video as art forms. Calendar of film and media festivals from around the country. SWAMP exhibitions include The Territory, a television series on KUHT in Houston, the Rice University Film Series, and other opportunities.Their education section features media literacy, artists in education and links to media literacy sites online.

Visual Studies Workshop
Rochester, NY based media arts center for media studies, photography, visual books, electronic imaging and film. With diversified programming in education, exhibitions, and publishing. Artists residencies, access programs, and internships, Afterimage print publication, the media center, exhibitions, press, research center and educational program, including summer workshop series. VSW offers an MFA degree in visual studies in cooperation with SUNY Brockport.

Walker Art Center Film Video Program
Minneapolis-based art center takes a multidisciplinary approach to creation, presentation, interpretation, collection and preservation of art. Calendar of events, including a film and video series. Listings of educational and community programs and information about
their collections and resources.

Wave Farm

Wave Farm is a non-profit arts organization that celebrates creative and community use of media and the airwaves. Our programs provide access to transmission technologies and support artists and organizations that engage with media as an art form.

Wexner Center
Wexner Center for the Arts is located at Ohio State University in Columbus. General information on exhibition by major and emerging artists, films and videos, and performing arts. Calendar of events - exhibits, screenings, tours, open houses. Online descriptions of past, current and upcoming exhibits, performing arts events, and film/video series. Description of educational programs and membership information.

Willow Mixed Media


Adobe Philanthropy Program

Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Arts & Business Council Inc.
Since 1965, the Arts & Business Council has been a New York City based service organization that has been working to "keep the arts in business" by promoting mutually beneficial partnerships between corporations and nonprofit arts groups. Through its local and national programs the Council brings expertise, resources, and leadership talent from the business world to the arts community. Businesses benefit through meaningful volunteer opportunities for employees, improved access to arts resources, and the opportunity to be part of a community enhanced by the presence of a vibrant arts sector.

Arts International
Support for international exchanges

AT&T Learning Network
AT&T Foundation funding to build on-ramps to the Internet for schools

Benton Foundation Open Studio: The Arts Online
To define and encourage public space in the new digital environment; establish points of access to Internets at arts and cultural institutions. Public interest uses of communications technology

Creative Capital
Creative Capital is a national organization supporting visual artists who are pursuing innovative approaches to form and/or content in the visual, performing, and media arts. Creative Capital works closely with its funded artists to provide audience development, marketing and other forms of assistance tailored to individual projects. Artists will, in return, share a portion of their proceeds with Creative Capital, enabling the fund to support more artists in the future.

Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC
The official web page of the DCA in New York. The DCA provides many programs to sustain and promote cultural life in New York City. Information about DCA’s various funding opportunities and services, publications on capital resources and alternate and free exhibit space, and links to other NYC cultural organizations.

Foundation Center Online
Information about funding

Foundations On-Line
Directory with information on organizations and search of Home Page

Funding Exchange Network
Information on funding

George Lucas Educational Foundation
Technology in education, especially K-12

Getty Foundation

IBM International Foundation

Independent Feature Project
Major national market for independent work

Publications: Buzzwords, biannual newsletter. Supports innovative production proposals by independent producers for public television programming which involves risk and serves underserved populations; provides production, promotion, marketing and distribution support.

Learner Online Annenberg/CPB Projects
Assists educational and community organizations use new technologies to improve learning

John D. and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation

Meet the Composer
Support for composers in creation and performance

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
Created in 1979 to encourage continued development of the arts and to support arts programs on a regional basis, Foundation programs encourage the creation of new works of art, promote new relationships and ideas within the performing arts community, build new audiences, advocate for the arts in education and connect the arts and artists of the mid-Atlantic region to the rest of the nation and the world.

National Endowment for the Arts

National Science Foundation

New York Council for the Humanities
The New York Council for the Humanities devotes itself to insuring the presence of the humanities in the state's cultural and intellectual life and to guaranteeing the future of the humanities among young people.

New York Foundation for the Arts
Fellowships in video, film and new technology; Community Assets

New York State Council on the Arts

Pollack-Krasner Foundation

Rockefeller Foundation Film/Video/Multimedia Fellowships

Soros Foundations Network
Funding for media projects

Technology Opportunities Program
(TIIAP) offers assistance with telecommunications and information infrastructure to improve quality and access to community-based services. The Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIIAP) is a highly-competitive, merit-based grant program that brings the benefits of an advanced national information infrastructure to communities throughout the United States..

Verizon Foundation
Funding to apply new technology to programs and services

Web Development Fund
Web Lab is an online laboratory dedicated to developing new models for a new medium. It was founded to develop, sponsor and provide visibility for projects that explore innovative uses of communications technology and that bring fresh perspective and new voices to the discussion of public issues. Web Lab is an online laboratory dedicated to developing new models for a new medium. It was founded to develop, sponsor and provide visibility for projects that explore innovative use of communications technology and that bring fresh perspective and new voices to the discussion of public issues. Web Lab is supported by grants from the Ford Foundation, PBS, and private family foundations. Web Lab is a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts.