Guerrilla Television

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Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, NY (1971)




Guerrilla Television by Michael Shamberg & the Raindance Corporation. Contents follow: Acknowledgement, Process Notes, The Meta-Manual (Sections: Media America, From Product to Process, Techno-Evolution, Media Evolution, Information Structures, Information as Energy, Feedback, Survival Modeling, The Epistemology of Dope, Meta-Service Economy, Schools, Info-Morphology, Context, Death of Politics, The General Market, Broadcast Television, An Information Economy. The Official Manual contains the following chapters: Guerrilla Television, Tools, How to Bankrupt Broadcast Television, You Are Information, Community Video, Videotape As an Analytic Tool, Networking: Videocassettes and Cable Television, Economic Support Systems, and Cybernetic Strategies and Services.

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