Fairlight Computer Video Instrument Operator Manual Revision 5

Publication TypeBook
SourceFairlight Instruments, Sydney, Australia (undated)

Fairlight Computer Video Instrument Operator Manual Revision 5. Approx. 90 page booklet illustrated with block diagrams, connection diagrams, and seperate preset guide illustated with screen shots. "The CVI is a digital live image processor and graphics generator with paintbox facilities. These two main characteristics are interrelated, so that you can combine live video and painted images in a multitude of ways; using painted images as backgrounds, foregrounds, or both, capturing live images and combining them for a video photo-montage, drawing directly on live video images and so on. The CVI has been designed to embody a high degree of flexibility, allowing users to develop their own style of use. It is a powerful visual instrument, the key to its simple control console being a "menu" driven system. Menus provide a series of choices, the decisions therein determinng particular effects."