ETC History 1991-92


 History 1991-92


Artists in residence include Irit Batsry, Jon Burris, Shalom Gorewitz, Pamela Jennings, Cheryl Jackson, Joel Katz, Trish Rosen and Kate Farrell, Kathleen Ruiz and Ann-Sargent Wooster. Works by Irit Batsry, David Blair, Nancy Buchanan and Shalom Gorewitz are screened at the Museum of Modern Art. Work is also exhibited at the Wexner Center, CEPA, the Brooklyn Museum, at the Ostee-Biennale, the Dallas Video Festival, the Black Maria Festival and the London Film Festival. Work was included in cable or broadcast programs The 90s and Independent Focus. David Blair wins Grand Prize for Wax at the 6th Montbeliard Video Festival. We being a project to catalog the collection of antique equipment, artists' videotapes, print materials and audiotapes, using a computerized relational database. The project is inspired by our work for the Ars Electronica Video Pioneers exhibition at Linz, Austria in the Summer of 1992. Dan Reeves receives assistance from NYSCA for Obsessive Becoming and Philip Mallory Jones receives support for First World Order. Finishing Funds 1992 recipients selected by Larry Gottheim, Chris Hill and Pam Jennings include Yau Ching, Abigail Child, Vincent Grenier, and Brian Springer. Presentation Funds recipients include Art in General, DCTV, Drift Distribution, Saratoga Public Library, iEAR Studios and Media Network.

 History 1993-94


  Artists in Residence include Emily Breer, Laurence Brose, Alex Hahn, Bianca Bob Miller, Ray Rapp, Van McElwee, Alan Sondheim and Jud Yalkut. The Museum of Modern Art presented three shows, Two Decades, Video Fest Berlin and Between Word and Image, all of which included works produced at the Center. Works were also screened at the MIT Media Lab, the Franklin Institute, the DAAD Galerie in Berlin and included in the Bonn Film Festival, the Atlanta Film Festival, the Worldwide Video Festival in the Netherlands, and the Vancouver International Film Festival. Finishing Funds 1993 recipients selected by Rii Kanzaki and Carlota Schoolman include Maria Beatty, Kit Fitzgerald, Jeffrey Lerer, Ned Sublette, and Ann-Sargent Wooster. Beginning in 1993 we were able to support film series programming in addition to the exhibition of single-evening media presentations. Presentation Funds recipients include the Adams Art Gallery, Alfred University, the Brooklyn Museum, Harvestworks, The Kitchen, Third World Newsreel and Squeaky Wheel.