ETC History 1989-90


 History 1989-90


The audio system continues to be expanded. With NYSCA support, Megan Roberts and Ray Ghirardo design a digital interface to allow a computer to control multiple audio and video playback sources in three dimensional arrays. Artists in Residence include Benton Bainbridge, Kevin Cook, Francis James, Bianca Bob Miller and Eva Schicker. Presentation Funds assists Hallwalls, Downtown Community TV Center, the Brooklyn Museum and the Asian American Video Festival. Finishing Funds recipients include Maria Beatty, Barbara Hammer and John Knecht, selected by panelists Raymond Ghirardo and Arthur Tsuchiya

 History 1990-91


  A third Amiga is added to the system, along with the Toaster, to further expand the digital imaging potential of the systems, Artists in residence include Laurie Beth Clark, Peter D'Agostino, Shalom Gorewitz, Alex Hahn, Philip Mallory Jones and Richard Kostelanetz. Presentation Funds provides assistance to Cornell Cinema, Dance Theater Workshop, Media Alliance, and the New York Gay and Lesbian Video Festival. Finishing Funds
  1991 recipients include Bill and Mary Buchen, Jean de Boysson, Cara Mertes and Ellen Spiro, selected by panelists Shu Lea Cheang, Robert Doyle and Philip Mallory Jones.