ETC History 1987-89


 History 1987-88


  We work on devising educational strategies to help artists to become fluent on the computer and digital devises as quickly as possible. A second Amiga is added to the system, one dedicated to buffer control, and one for videographics and audio software. Artists include Shu Lea Cheang, Bob Doyle, Ernie Gusella and Barbara Hammer.

 History 1988-89


The audio section of the system is expanded to include a Mirage and mixing capacity. We begin work on MIDI and control voltage exchange boxes. Artists include Laurie Beth Clark, Peter Callas, Vanalyne Green, Jon Knecht and Sherry Millner. The Center begins the Electronic Arts Grants Program, with support from the New York State Council on the Arts. Presentation Funds provides support to organizations in the State for the exhibition of works of electronic art. Finishing Funds provides assistance to artists for the completion of projects.