ETC History 1983-85


 History 1983-84


Assisted by Matt Schlanger, David Jones continues work on the Four Board Project, which consists of a four channel colorizer, keyers, multi-channel programmable sequencer, and oscillators. In addition to providing equipment for the Residency Program, one intention of the project is to define a comprehensive, low-cost imaging system and to then help artists to acquire or to build the tools. We believe that electronic media artists must have a more natural access to their tools, in order to develop and refine their art form. We begin to study the newly available Amiga computer. Artists include Shigeko Kubota and Paul Garrin, and Arthur Tsuchiya.

 History 1984-85


  The Four Board Project is completed and the devices are installed at the Center. David Jones and Matt Schlanger begin work on the documentation, assisted by Connie Coleman and Alan Powell. The equipment manual is revised to include the new tools, and to explicate such processes as keying, colorization, switching. Artists include Merrill Aldighieri and Joe Tripician, David Blair, Peter Rose and Kathy High.