ETC History 1981-83


 History 1981-82


  Artists working in the studio include Frank Dietrich, Thierry Kuntzel, Alex Roshuk and Matt Schlanger. Work produced through the Residency Program is exhibited widely at Siggraph, the Donnell Library, Global Village and included in the 7th Annual Ithaca Video Projects Festival and the San Francisco International Video Festival.

 History 1983-84


NYSCA provides funding for a General Purpose Interface Board, which interfaces analog imaging equipment with an 8 bit computer, allowing manually-changed knob settings to be "remembered" and repeated digitally. David Jones and Peer Bode collaborate on the initial research for a real-time frame buffer, which digitizes in real time analog video images, with a resolution of 256x256, 16 shades of gray. The Pattern Program, a software project, is designed an internship project by Master's candidates at SUNY. Patterns or textures can be drawn and then stored and used as movable matts or windows. Artists include Nancy Buchanan, Amy Greenfield, George Stoney, Barbara Sykes and Ann Wooster.