EAB VideoLab Modules A through D (3 copies)

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Electronic Associates of Berkeley, Berkeley, California (undated)




EAB VideoLab designed by William Hearn: Color Xerox of Module A and B, Black and White Xeroxes of Modules A through D with corresponding descriptions. 1. The Basic System- Modules A and B are used together and provide Genlock, Switcher, SEG, and Colorizer features. These units are capable of producing most standard and many novel special effects. 2. Music Interface- Module C interfaces the basic system to any sound source and provides for producing automatic sequences of video effects. 3. Chroma Keyer- Module D provides the Videolab system user with four independent downstream chroma keyers utilizing joystick control. These units are fully color compensated and require no external delay lines. "The Videolab System- A Highly flexible, complete, low cost, modular video synthesizer. The EAB Videolab is a voltage controlled video synthesizer. The function of the Videolab is to accept up to six video images and to provide the user the capability of switching, combining, and modifying these images in a wide variety of ways..."

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