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Founding member: Steven Kolpan

New Paltz, NY had a population of about 7500 in the early 1970s, with a mix of college and rural inhabitants. The intention of Community Video Project was to bring the community together using video, presenting community programming on the cable. CVP was interested in programming which originated at the grassroots level and concentrated on the individual within the larger entity - the community. "We show people at work, at play, just hanging out, at civic affairs (meetings, library fairs, etc). We concentrate on the old, the young, the middle aged, the poor, the rich and the middle class."

Community Video Project programmed a one hour cable show, Community Mix, for Channel 12, with shows concerning the community. CVP was concerned about the commercialization of the cable, and feared that the local business would be in control of the medium. "Our only hassle now is the problem of commercials. Our Project is against commercials on Channel 12 (New Paltz=s cable station)."

" 'What are we about? It is our intention to help bring the community together via video. After checking out the disparate elements within the town, we concluded that the only thing that the community had in common I s one nasty habit: they all watch the tube.' (Steven) Kolpan adds, 'To our way of thinking, community programming is programming that originates at the grass roots level...We show people at work, at play, just hanging out at civic affairs (meetings, library fairs)."

Steven Kolpan lists videotapes available for purchase and exchange, which include experimentation with video feedback, video distortion, oscilloscope images and audio experimentation. .

Captain Video, located in New Paltz, lists tapes about new technology (domes) and old technology (how to make maple syrup, seventy eight year olds into organic gardening)

Profile of Community Video Project in Radical Software V2, N1 1972
Jonathan Price Video Visions: A Medium Discovers Itself, 1972, 1977

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Community Video Project
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New Paltz, New York