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Avant-garde guitarist and composer David Rosenbloom has been active in New York since the No Wave period in the late seventies; prior, he performed and wrote for experimental theatre and solo performance in Cambridge and Berkeley. His groups have included Chinese Puzzle (electric instrumental trio), the Electric Orchestra (mixed acoustic/electric ensemble), and the Outlanders (folk). He has written for a wide range of ensembles, from solo to small orchestra, exploring forms including song, structured and free improvisation, and through-composition. As a guitarist he has recorded, worked and toured with Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, and Robin Crutchfield. He has recently returned to the merging of sound and image in digital video. David received a Finishing Funds 2006 award from the Experimental Television Center. Who Will Speak for Them? (2005) Electric guitar. Departure Redux: An Image (2004) Digitally manipulated chorus. Lake Isle of Innisfree (2003) Voice, electric guitar, bass, drums. Leviathan (2001) Electric guitar, bass, drums. Knitting Factory, October '01. Mysteries (2001) with the Outlanders - 10 original songs. Archeology (2001) Chinese Puzzle. Reliquary (2001) Electric Chorus & Orchestra - live and archival recordings: Music Is (2000) with the Outlanders Time and Again (1996) Chinese Puzzle. Millennial World (1994) Millennium Auction, Eidolon CD-ROM Q (1989) First performed Roulette, October '89. duration: 12 minutes. Violin: Mark Feldman; bass: David Hofstra; flute: Laura Josephson; drums: Kevin Norton; guitar: Alan Watsky. Elephant's Dream (1989) First performed Roulette, October '89. Digerido/oboe: Brian Charles; bass: Mark Hagan, David Hofstra; drums: Kevin Norton; synth: Alex Noyes; baritone sax: Dave Sewelson; guitar/flute: David Rosenbloom. Requiem for the Fallen (1989) first performed at the Bang on a Can Festival, May 1989. Text from the Latin Requiem Mass; additional text by composer. Dedicated to Andrew Rosenbloom and other victims of AIDS. duration: app'x 14 minutes. voices: Jonathan Bepler, bass, and Jill Burton, soprano; oboe: Brian Charles; flute: Laura Josephson; bass: Mark Hagan; synth: Alex Noyes; drums: John Mernit; guitar: David Rosenbloom. Arcturus (Phase I) (1985) Taped voice (textless), Emulator, DX-7 & TX-8-16, sound table, flute, oboe, bass/tuba, drumset/percussion, viola, guitar. Commisssioned by Harvestworks/NYSCA. First performed Saint Peter's Church, November, '85. Stone-faced Parables All Consent (1984) 3 voices, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, Lyricon wind synthesizer, violin, viola, keyboards, guitar, bass, 2 drumsets. First performed PASS at Whitman performance space, April, '84. Charon (the Boatman) (1983) Groningen, Holland, July '83. duration: 12 minutes. Pipe organ: David Rosenbloom. Meditations (1983) Solo guitar/flute/electronics. First performed Munster Art Museum, West Germany, June 1983. Guitar/flute: David Rosenbloom. Silver/Koto (1983) Chinese Puzzle. First performed Mudd Club, March 1983. bass: David Hofstra; drums: John Mernit; guitar: David Rosenbloom. Job's Complaint (1982) 2 voices, synthesizer, flute/alto sax, 2 oboes/soprano sax, trumpet, violin, cello, 2 drumsets. Text from the Book of Job and Psalms, and the composer. First performed Saint Peter's Church, November '82. Souls of Chaos (1982) 2 voices, flute, oboe, violin, cello, guitar, bass, drums. Text from Robinson Jeffers, Abraham Isaac Kook, traditional folk song, and the composer. First performed Inroads, June '82. Departure (1981) 8 voices, 3 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 violins, cello, 2 doublebasses, soprano sax, French horn, organ, percussion. Text from gnostic Gospel of Thomas; additional text by composer. First performed Saint Peter's Church, January, '82. Workshop Pieces (1981) 12 voices. Found text. First performed at Inroads, May '83 Water Music (1981) Solo guitar/flute/electronics; first performed at Just Above Midtown gallery, June '81. Chinese Puzzle (1979-81, 1995-onward) Experimental electric trio with David Hofstra, bass, and John Mernit, drums. Fragment (1988) Computer-manipulated video; Munster Art Museum, Video Art show, 1989. "...a composer with rare gifts..." Tim Page, NY Times " ... gripping work ...very orchestral new music" John Schaefer, New Sounds "... the terrific 'Souls of Chaos'..." David Bowie, Vanity Fair "...it's his lyrics, with their religious overtones and their unsentimental examination of the mysterious human ability to punctuate stretches of inexplicable gloom with flights of spontaneous joy, that place Rosenbloom in the great tradition of the late 20th century poetic masters of song." Jon Sobel, Global Muse