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program notes January 26, 1973

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Image Processor Modifies Television Images.

In brief, the Image Processor (I-P) is a patch programmable general purpose analog computer, optimized for the real time processing of video Images. I have been designing and building it for the past year.

The I-P accepts naturalistic images, modifies and combines them in complex ways and displays or stores the result. A television camera, film chain, video tape recorder or similar device can be used to encode moving images into a form which the I-P accepts. A television monitor decodes the signal and displays the modified Image. The instrument is programmed by routing the Image through various processing modules and then out to a monitor or video tape recorder. The modules are designed to maximize the possibility of inter-connection, thereby maximizing the number of possible modifications of the image. The I-P is designed to accept external signals from such devices as biological and environmental sensors.
          -Dan Sandin

Video Synthesizer Colorizes and Combines Television Images:
Basically, the Paik/Abe Video Synthesizer is a device designed to accept 14 different inputs from either black and white video cameras or audio tone generators. It translates these images into color video images and/or patterns which may be displayed on a color video monitor or recorded on video tape. Controls are provided for mixing up to 7 inputs at one time and for altering the character and color of the final image which can range in tone and color from exaggerated black and white through pastels, to highly saturated electronic colors found nowhere else in nature. Alterations in strength and character of any of these inputs or changes in setting of the controls will produce obvious changes in the whole output image.
          - Jim Weisman

E/S is not E/S

Officially, Philip Lee Morton - Video E/S is authorized under the retaileds occupation tax act to engage in the business of selling tangible personal property at retail in Illinois. This registration also covers any need for registrating under the use tax act, the service occupation tax act and the service use tax act. #188-411-5 E/S must represent some connect of some two words in some written language, starting with 'E' and then 'S' eg: Equipment/Supplies, Everything/Something, Energy/Synergy, Events/Systems, Egg/Sex etc. I use English; it is the only written language I know except Latin.
          - Philip Lee Morton

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Sandin Image Processor
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