Collection and Distribution: Links

Anthology Film Archive
Based in New York, AFA is a museum exclusively devoted to film as an art. AFA has extensive collections of films and offers numerous exhibitions and events. Available on this site are press releases, membership information, and information on renting AFA’s theater.

Art Metropole
Founded by general idea in 1974; art metropole has evolved out of and continues to evolve from the notion of distributing and dispersing contemporary art to a broader public than the collectors and museums who have historically collected unique works;

ART/new york  
a video series on contemporary art, begun in 1979, focusing on the visual arts; brings art, artists and exhibitions to a broad public interested in the latest developments on the New York art scene.

Bullfrog Films
A leading US publisher of independently-produced, environmental videos; also distribute world-famous performing arts programs.
titles include independent work, work available from other distributors and work screened in festival venues

California Newsreel
One of the oldest non-profit media distributors in the US. California Newsreel focuses on
African American life and history, African cinema, race and diversity and media and society. works on media and culture

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center
The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre is Canada’s oldest artist run centre. Since its foundation 30 years ago, the CFMDC has provided film distribution services to its members. Currently the CFMDC has over 400 members and distributes about 1,400 titles to educational institutions, community groups, repertory theaters, galleries, festivals and broadcasters worldwide.

Canyon Cinema
Avant-garde and experimental film and video, representing over 3500 works.

Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students. The Culture Catalog - books, tapes and video concerning culture and folklore; cultural materials as teaching resources . magazine and newsletter. Resources for arts students and teachers.

City Lore
The Culture Catalog - books, tapes and video concerning culture and folklore; cultural materials as teaching resources

Danish Video Art
A non-profit agency for promoting and distributing Danish video art outside Denmark

Deep Dish Television
Deep Dish is a grass-roots public access television satellite-based distribution network. Deep Dish assembles materials from producers around the world to exhibit via public access TV. News and announcements, a history of Deep Dish, and a catalog of all Deep Dish programs from 1986 to the present.

Dia Center
For over twenty years, Dia Center for the Arts has initiated and presented interdisciplinary art and criticism, particularly that not otherwise supported by more conventional institutions. Beginning in early 1995, Dia initiated a series of artists’ projects for the web by commissioning significant projects from artists such as Kristin Lucas, Molissa Fenley, and Tony Oursler.

Documentary Educational Resources
A producer and distributor of films in the areas of anthropology/ethnography, sociology and documentary. Online resources include a history of DER, detailed catalog of film and video in world cultures, anthropology and other topics including new releases, information of finding film footage via the web, photographs, meeting notes, information on the Society for Visual Anthropologists and other resources.

Donnell Library Media Center
Video and film collections for public use

Downtown Community TV Center
Historically significant collection of documentary and educational productions

Educational Video Center
youth oriented video documentaries

Electronic Arts Intermix
EAI’s collection represents a broad survey of international media art, from seminal works of the 1960s to new works by young artists of the 1990s. You may order tapes for purchase and rental directly online, or obtain information about how to order offline.

Everson Museum of Art
Everson maintains one of the earliest and most comprehensive collections of art videos of the period of this genre's birth in the late 1960s through the 1970s. The approximately 500 tapes includes work by Nam June Paik, Mary Lucier, William Wegman, and Bill Viola.

Experimental Intermedia Foundation
audio and music works

Facets Multimedia
film and video on video for home market; independent works represented

Filmmakers’ Cooperative
independent and avant-garde films

FOOTAGE: The Worldwide Moving Image Sourcebook
Guide to moving image sources worldwide, and information on content suppliers, film archives and libraries.

Gay and lesbian cinema works

Franklin Media Distribution, NYC
founded in 1994 by filmmaker Jerry Tartaglia. Franklin distributes experimental cinema on video for use in the home and classroom. Tapes are sold to bookstores, university & other libraries, film and video study centers, Cinema departments in Colleges, and to individuals for home use. Rentals are not available

Franklin Furnace
Archives of performance, cross-disciplinary works

Sonic and audio works

Stock footage, film collectors forum, auction

Internet Movie Database
Searchable information on films and filmmakers

The Kitchen
The Kitchen Video Distribution Catalog and historically significant collection of early works

The Latin American Video Archive
The site provides distribution access to over 7000 Latin American film and video titles, with free tape search and consultation services available through the Latin American Video Archive.

Media Center Donnell Library
Information on New York Public Library’s Donnell Library, which holds a large collection of films and videos. The Media Center contains over 5000 videos, 8500 films in a wide range of categories. They also host an audio collection of nearly 35,000 music and non-music CD’s and cassettes. The Media Center’s holdings can be searched through the NYPL online catalogs.

Mid-Hudson Library System
Operates, FASTCAT, an online catalog of Mid Hudson Library resources., internet services. Also available: reports on special projects, search engines and other Mid-Hudson web sites.

Milestone Film and Video
A boutique distributor of classic and art films

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX
Circulating collection of films and video by Robert Frank

Museum of Modern Art
the Circulating Film and Video Library offers access to independent and classic works, with the goal of making these outstanding works more widely available for appreciation and study

Mystic Fire Video
Ancient cultures, women’s issues, holistic studies

New Day Films
Social issue media

NY Public Library Video Department
Extensive information about NYPL’s resources, including online catalogs, listing of education programs, and community resources.

OffLine is a national arts organization, cable television screening, and distributor of independently produced films and videos. OffLine reaches over 10 million viewers in over one hundred cities nationwide and serves as a creative conduit to numerous national and international screenings, arts organizations, micro-cinemas, festivals, netcast providers, and artists.

Paper Tiger
Produces programming for public access. Distribution of works about media, culture and education. Paper Tiger is a public access TV show. It looks at the communications industry via the media in all of their forms.

Program for Art on Film
Art on Film Online is a clearinghouse for information about film, video, CD-ROM and other interactive productions on fine arts, architecture, photography, decorative arts, and related topics.

Third World Newsreel
Various genres by and about people of color

Video Out of the Satellite Video Exchange Society
nonprofit, artist-run distributor offering challenging and innovative video to educational institutions, festivals and galleries. Founded in 1980, Video Out was formed to acquire, promote and distribute an innovative collection of independently produced video from Canada and around the world to diverse audiences. Our primary goals are to educate and inform the public about issues of importance to this nation's artists and activists and to increase media literacy

V tape
Based in Toronto, V tape distributes video art, distributes and publishes books on video art, provides video restoration and duplication services, organizes video events and exhibitions, and makes V tape Video Art Awards.

Video Data Bank
Extensive collection of early video works. Categories include Independent Video/Alternative Media; Early Video History; On Art and Artists. Offers the series Surveying the First Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the U.S, a 17 hour package of historic videos produced in 1996

Visual Communications

Women Make Movies
Film and video by and about women; biannual catalog, workshops.