Bytesaver Instruction Manual, Bytesaver II Instruction Manual, TMS Video Display Processor Data Manual, Tarbell Floppy Disks (Volume 2)

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Cromemco Inc., Trevose, PA (undated)




Bytesaver Instruction Manual, Bytesaver II Instruction Manual, TMS Video Display Processor Data Manual, Tarbell Floppy Disks (Volume 2). White binder. Modifications to the Hocking System, handwritten by Paul Davis (4.12.81). Bytesaver Instruction Manual by Cromemco. Contents follow: Introduction, Assembly Instructions, Notes, Programming PROMs, Bytemover Software, Bytemover Assembly Listing, 2708-2704 PROM Data (block diagram, table of Read Operation, Waveforms, AC and Typical Characteristics, Programming Operation; description and program characteristics, and Cromemco 8K Bytesaver schematic (1975) (pp. 1-14 + schematic). Bytesaver II: Instruction Manual (five dollars). Table of Contents follows: Introduction, Operating Instructions, PROM Programming Instructions, Theory of Operation, Assembly Instructions, Bytesaver II Parts List, Bytesaver II Parts Location Diagram, and Bytesaver II Schematics (pp. 1-54 + schematics, 1977). Texas Instruments TMS 9918 Video Display Processor Data Manual by The Engineering Staff of Texas Instruments Incorporated Semiconductor Group (Preliminary, September 1979). Contents follow: Definitions, Architecture, CPU Interface, CPU Interface Control Signals, block diagrams, CPU Write to VDP Register, CPU Write to VRAM, CPU Read from VDP Status Register, CPU Read from VRAM, VDP Interrupt, VDP Initialization, VDP/VRAM Interface, VRAM Interface Control Signals, VRAM Memory Types, block diagram, VDP/TV Interface, Write-Only Registers (0-7), Status Registers, Interrupt Flag (F), Coincidence Flag (C), Fifth Sprite Flag (5S) and Number, Oscillator and Clock Generator, Color Phase Generation, Video Sync and Control Generation, Video Graphics, Pattern Mode, Multicolor Mode, Text Mode, Sprites, External Video with hardware design, Software Requirements, VDP Terminal Assignments, Device Application, Device Initialization, Recommended DSR's, Example VRAM Arrangements, Sprite Manipulation, External Video Input, TMS 9918 Preliminary Electrical Specifications, Mechanical Data, Appendix A: VRAM Table Addressing Examples, and Appendix B: VRAM Memory Allocation Examples (pp. 1-47). Flow charts for the TMS 9918 by P. D. (??). The Tarbell Floppy Disk Interface by Tarbell Electronics (Carson, CA, September 25, 1978). Table of Contents follows: Overview, Theory of Operation, Assembling the Interface Board (Kit Units), Setting the Jumpers, Checkout, Firmware and Drivers, and Reference Information (98 pages). The Tarbell manual also features the following information on Western Digital Corporation's Wester Digital MOS/LSI (FD1771 A/B- 01), Floppy Disk Formatter/ Controller: General Description, Applications, Features, System Block Diagram, Pin Connections, Organization, Processor Interface, Floppy Disk Interface, Head Positioning, Disk Read Operation, Disk Write Operation, Command Description, Command Summary, Flag Summary, Type 1 Commands, Restore (Seek Track 0), Seek, Step, flow charts, Step-In, Step-Out, Type II Commands, Read Command, Write Command, Type III Commands, Read Address, Read Track, Write Track, Type IV Command, Force Interrupt, and Status Description.

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