Art Statement

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AuthorsMatthew Schlanger
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My image synthesis/image processed video work are serial constructions which are produced with custom built analog and digital processors. Each section is a synthesized real time recording where sound and image are parallel electronic structures which are mutually controlled by predetermined waveshapes.

The work is about people, interaction, time, physical and psychic space, and about remembering. Although this work is electronically synthesized, it is tactile; it satirically recalls organic structures and processes. Its content hones in on the most primitive and elemental social and biological functions. At times, the images and movements become schematics of moods or psychic states. As in other kinetic art forms, a good deal of interest lies in the transitions between shapes and segments. The basic compositional elements combine to diagrammatically describe situations or aspects of the human condition. Flirtation, courtship, penetration, fission and fusion are some of the processes that are found.

Most often, periodic wave forms (the basic analog elements) are used as image source. The temporal makeup and iconic video display of these wave forms have the evocative power of archetypal forms and myth. The essential structure of these wave forms, a periodic change over time that defines a shape (sine, triangle, ramp, etc.), belongs to a whole class of primordial rhythmic experiences. They participate in, and express, the natural and physical ordering principles of our environment.