Art in General: Manual 1994-1995.

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Art in General, Inc., New York, NY (1995)




Art in General: Manual 1994-1995. Contents begin with a Foreword by Holly Block, and Defunding the Messenger by Carey Lovelace. September 1-October 29, 1994 Calendar: Talk in General, Reviewing Paradise: The Ethnic Response in Contemporary Photography from Hawaii, Project Reach, re-marks, Superior Relations: Women and Men on the People They Work for, Recycled Divinity Lamps. November 5- December 17, 1994 Calendar: Talk in General, Personal Property, DioN.Y.sus Scales, Theo, Bivouac Washington- Countdown. January 14-March 4, 1995 Calendar: Talk in General, Triple Feature, Global Jungle, Transmissions, Weight and Levitation, Center Fold: Blinded Rabble- special project by Bebe Lee and Li-Young Lee commissioned by Art in General. March 18- April 29, 1995 Calendar: Talk in General, Split Level, Visions of Home, Cadumbra. May 9- June 24, 1995 Calendar: Talk in General, The Global Sweatshop, Don't Smoke in Bed, Brooklyn Garment Factory, Little Boy's Room. Other sections of this catalog follow: Education Programs, Public Programs, Artists' Biographies, Works in the Exhibitions, and Photograph Credits. Also enclosed, a letter of correspondence between Executive Director, Holly Block, and Sherry Miller Hocking of the Experimental Television Center and a program for Carlos Garaicoa (April 10- May 15, 1996).

Art in General, Inc.
Art in General, Inc.
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