Art Since 1945

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Washington Square Press, Inc., New York, NY (1962)




Art Since 1945. Texts by Umbro Apollonio, G. C. Argan and Nello Ponente, Oto Bihalji-Merin, Marcel Brion, Will Grohmann, J. P. Hodin, Sam Hunter, H. L. C. Jaffe, and Herbert Read. An abridged edition containing all the text with 111 of the black-and-white and 33 of the full-color illustrations that appeared in the original edition. Contents chapters depict art in the following countries: France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Holland, The Scandinavian Countries, and The United States. The book also contains a Preface and Lest of Illustrations.

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