3,627,912 "Visual Display of Complex Color Television Sound Wave Signals" (2 copies) and EAB VideoLab Modules A through D

Publication TypeBook
AuthorsHearn, William
SourceU.S. Patent Records, Electrical (1971)

Note on Xerox : "Vidium Patent". Patent Info.: 3,627,912 "Visual Display of Complex Color Television Sound Wave Signals", William E. Hearn, Atherton, California; assignor to Charles W. Kieser, San Francisco, California, a part interest. Filed April 23, 1969, Ser. No. 818,666. "This disclosure involves apparatus and modifying circuits for use in conjunction with a conventional cathode-ray tube to provide fanciful wide-band vector representations of the video signals by a pair of audio channels such, for example, as would be produced with a stereophonic recorded-signal source. The stereophonic signal may be generated through microphones, phonograph and magnetic tape recordings, or from stereophonic broadcasts and is amplified and processed by wide-band linear circuitry whose effect is substantially independent of frequency and displayed in vector form on a color cathode-ray tube utilizing magnetic deflection. The effect of the apparatus is to produce highly detailed visual patterns of great regularity and beauty of form and color, revealing fine details inherent in the stereophonic representation of the complex, nonrecurrent wave forms produced by music or voice. No filters or frequency sensitive elements are used except as required to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of the progrqam material in which no timing signal, sweep signal, or raster representation is employed."