10th Anniversary New York Digital Salon. Vectors: Digital Art of Our Time

Publication TypeBook
AuthorsMalina, Roger
SourceLeonardo MIT Press, Cambridge, MA (2002)

Roger Malina - Executive Editor's Statement. Bruce Wands - Director's Statement. Christiane Paul - Renderings of Digital Art. Jon Ippolito - Ten Myths of Internet Art. Gregor Muir - Past, Present, and Future Tense. Steve Dietz - Ten Dreams of Technology. Benjamin Weil - Art in Digital Times: From Technology to Instrument. ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruche - Selections for the Tenth NYDS. Yuko Hasegawa - Selectrions for the Tenth NYDS. Joel Chadabe - Music and Life. Lev Manovich - Ten Key Texts on Digital Art: 1970 - 2000. Renee Schacht - Collaborative Curatorial Culmination. Nina Colosi - The Antennae of the Race. Exhibiting Artists. www.nydigitalsalon.org