Residency Program




The Center paused its Residency Program in Owego after 40 years. The residency program will soon resume in Atlanta, Georgia.


  The Center offers creative residencies to about 40 media artists annually from around the world. Since its beginning in 1972 the Residency Program has offered residencies to over 1600 artists.

The Residency Program supports projects which approach media as a contemporary electronic and cinematic art form, providing artists with time and space for aesthetic exploration in the creation of new work. The self-directed work environment offers personalized instruction, use of a unique imaging system and access to the media library. Artists use the system themselves, and have unlimited access to the studio during their stay, with time and space for aesthetic exploration in the creation of new works.

The image processing system is a hybrid tool set, permitting the artist to create interactive relationships between older historically important analog instruments and new digital technologies, including both G-5 and G-4 computers. Devices include custom built equipment by David Jones, Dan Sandin, Nam June Paik, and others; new and vintage analog audio and video processors and synthesizers; Max/MSP and Jitter; sonic and control modules by Doepfer; multiple computers; keyers, switchers, colorizers, and cameras; DVD authoring and editing software; and dozens of other tools. This rich immersive electronic environment encourages artists to explore boundaries and intersections in works ranging from narrative and documentary to more experimental forms, including performative media and work for the Web.

About 45 artists participate annually. The program provides over $200,000 of services to these artists each year. Past participant artists have been the recipients of major awards from the NEA, Rockefeller Foundation, Guggenheim Foundation as well as many State, national and international funders.

Each year, thousands of people have opportunity to view works created by artists participating in the Residency Program through museum and gallery exhibitions throughout the United States and internationally, through cable, broadcast and on the Web. They have been featured at the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial and the Museum of Modern Art. They are also frequently showcased by such presenting organizations as Hallwalls, the Kitchen, Anthology Film Archives, Harvestworks, Eyebeam and many others. They are often selected for inclusion in national festivals and invitationals such as the Black Maria Festival, the NY Video Festival, Viper, MIX and many international festivals. Work has been included in national and regional cable and PBS series such as Reel New York and POV. Important early work has been included in Video Data Bank’s Surveying the First Decade: A History of Video Art and Alternative Media. The work is distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix, Women Make Movies, Video Data Bank and represented in many institutional collections.

For more information about the history of the residency program please visit ETC History.